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I have been asking myself a lot lately, how will travel change after the new coronavirus? How will the current pandemic situation affect tourism, people, destinations and way of traveling?

How will travel change after coronavirus?

The fear of being infected

I think fear will play the biggest role in changing travel habits for many. Fear was present after wars ended, after natural disasters, terrorist attacks and fear will halt traveling all around the world in this situation as well. Lots of people will fear to embark on the plane, cruiser ship, train, ferry. The scary feeling of staying in large hotels, eating in a self-service restaurants, visiting museums, theaters, concerts, tourist attractions, crowded places, and theme parks has already been increasing in people. Even though the pandemic will end and the border crossings will be possible again, this year’s summer will for many seems »safer« to stay close to home or in their own country. Many people will rather choose nature against cities as well.

The fear will probably be seen also among locals, who might not really show hospitality to travelers. Before pandemic was declared, travelers already reported having troubles in booking a hotel, taking a train ride, as locals were already afraid being infected. This kind of feeling is really not a pleasant one, when being miles away from home and is another reason for staying closer to home.

Our financial status

Pandemic is already affecting economy and longer this kind of situation continues, wider the negative gap in economy will arise. Many people will loose their jobs and/or close their companies, what will not just end their traveling, but will cause problems with much more important matters, like bringing food on the table, paying mortgages, bills… So yes, many people will not be able to even afford short trips, not to even think about exotic destinations. Travels were not affordable to everyone before the coronavirus and even more people will realize that now.

Choosing a destination

Lots of people will rather stay closer to home or at least on the same continent. Many people we know have decided to spend their holidays and money in their own countries, just to help its tourism, jobs and economy. I think many people will also be scared to travel to destinations, where the new coronavirus hit hard.

Travel style

I am more than positive, that travel style will change after pandemic is over. Outdoor and van life has been increasing for several years and the fear of staying indoor, will increase this kind of travel style even more. Lots of people will choose road trips rather than flights, what means they will be exploring their own countries or countries close by. They will rather stay in small camps or private apartments and houses. I believe larger hotels will have much bigger problems with inviting guests than smaller ones.

Travel expenses

It is hard to predict what economy recession will bring to all the prices. Some people say the prices in tourism will drop, as not many people will travel soon. But other people say the prices will increase, as the lack of income will need to be replaced somehow. Let’s be real – the situation in tourism will be very uncertain, also due to the fact, that many hotels, airlines, tourist agencies, services will be closed and bankrupt, what means also less competition, which always influence the price market.

Good travel health insurance

Travel insurance does not cover epidemics and pandemics, but people are realizing now, how important good health insurance is. That is also why, people will search for good travel health insurance before going abroad and will definitely not leave their homes without them.

Reading the media is not something we, working in travel industry, are eager to read. In my opinion all the harsh restrictions are just causing all the vagabonds more wanderlust and we cannot wait to finally go traveling again. Traveling will not end, but will change for sure – we are all hoping the changes will influence travel only on the short run, but only time will tell if we were right. But you know who the real traveler is – he/she is not defined after the number of visited countries, but on its travel style, open mind and heart.

The blog post strictly includes my own opinion and no study was done to confirm the above stated changes, which might affect travel after the new coronavirus pandemic is over.