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This travel blog has firstly been done only by Nina (that is why it is called Nina Travels), but than Simon crossed her paths, and they have started to work on it together. Simon works on travel videos and photos, while Nina is in charge for one of two biggest passions – travel writing and inspiring people to travel.  They are both enjoying every minute in what they do, what makes them an unbeatable team!

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Need help? We are here for you – give us a shout out!

We are here for everyone who is interested in our traveling, articles, blog posts, photos or videos. We are open also for different cooperation possibilities on the “Nina Travels” travel blog.

We can help you with:

  • free travel tips and travel advices, based on our own travel experiances
  • good quality travel photos
  • professional travel articles for travel magazines and websites
  • promotion of sights and destinations via posts (highlighting attractions and writing about our experiences)
  • social media coverage via FacebookTwitter, Instagram
  • video coverage on our YouTube chanel
  • reviews of travel oriented products, hotels, restaurants, tours etc.
  • others


Worked with

We have worked with many companies, brands and tourism organisation, but some of our recent collaborations were with Germany National Tourism Organisation (Tegernsee Lake, Chiemsee Lake), Austria tourism organisation (Skiing in Zillertal), Air France (Guadeloupe), Visit Ljubljana (City break in Ljubljana), Graz Tourismus (City break in Graz, Graz Christmas market), Linz Tourismus (City break in Linz), Katschberg (Summer in Katschberg), Royal Robbins Clothing (Travel clothing review), Fjallraven (Travel wallet Kanken review) and Primus camping equipment (product placements).

If you want to join the team and have a great content, which inspires many, you can reach us on ninapotuje(at)

Looking forward to hear from you and cannot wait to work on another great story! 🙂


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