Frankfurt in one day

Having one day in Frankfurt does not sounds like a lot of time, but if you are on a business trip or maybe have a longer layover, you have many things to do in the city

Best One day in Frankfurt

Even though we were exploring Frankfurt for two days, we could do all the things and seen the sights also only in one day. Due to bad weather and my pregnancy, we adjusted the exploration tempo to a little bit slower one. 

We must admit – Frankfurt is not a city which we would be totally impressed over. Maybe we felt this because its lack of tradition or maybe it was due to bad weather during our complete stay. Or we just did not take enough time for it. One day in Frankfurt after all is really little, for such a big city.

But even though we have not fallen in love with the city on the first sight, we still managed to find few things, which were to our liking. So what to do in Frankfurt in one day? 

Things to do and see when you have one day in Frankfurt

  • Take a selfie at the city square

We just love the half-timbered houses there and with them, this was one of the most charming places in the city. No matter if you are spending only one day in Frankfurt or more, a selfie at the city square should be put on your travel bucket list for sure.

  • Visit the city cathedral

Even though the interior is not covered in gold, but rather plain, city’s cathedral is worth few minutes of your time.

  • Enjoy the night at the Sachsenhausen

This is probably the best place for a good night life. There are lots of clubs and bars, offering cheap drinks and bites.

  • Taste the traditional food for Frankfurt

Even though you will spend only one day in Frankfurt, you have to eat, right? If you’d like to try local food, you cannot leave the city without its green sauce, made out of seven different herbs, and the famous apple-wine.

  • Do a tour with Velo taxi

This electrical-bike taxi is great for one hour long tour, especially if you explore Frankfurt in one day only. Our tour was more to the greener side of the city, as we were visiting numerous city parks.

  • Enjoy the views from the boat tour

If you like to see a place from other perspective, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the boat trip on the river Main.

  • Visit a gallery or a museum

Frankfurt has lots of galleries and museums to choose from. It is up to you or maybe up to the weather, how enjoyable this might be for you.

  • Shop till you drop

The city center is a great place for some shopping spree. There are pedestrian streets, full of shops and malls, so save some money for shopping as well. Maybe you can even buy traditional dirndel or leather hosen from a designer Bembeltown (nickname for the city of Frankfurt).

  • Relax at the park

We were really impressed how many beautiful parks can be found in Frankfurt. If you are fed up with traffic, buildings and noise, head up to a park or two. We loved best the Chinese and Korean areas in parks. If we would have better weather, we would definitely spend some more time there.

  • Lock your love

Locking your love at the bridge is becoming more and more popular all around the world and it is no different in Frankfurt. If you have not locked your love yet, you might want to do it there.

Frankfurt may not impress you like some other German cities will, but nevertheless, if the opportunity arise to spend one day in Frankfurt, don’t think twice and do it. Visiting the city is also a great way to kill time between long connection flights, as its city center is easily reachable by the city metro  / S-Bahn.

Some useful travel tips for Frankfurt in one day and things to do there

Accommodations in Frankfurt


Frankfurt is perfect for everyone visiting with a camper or a tent. Only 20 minutes ride with the metro line from the city center, you can find the Frankfurt City Camp. The metro station is in its vicinity and so is the grocery store Aldi. (Camping coordinates: / The price for 2 persons, electricity and camper is 25€/night.


If you will not stay  in Frankfurt for one day and plan a longer stay, you can choose among various hotels in the city. We did not only camp, but we also spend two nights in a Hotel an der Messe. The hotel has great location for everyone visiting the fairgrounds, which is only 10 minutes by foot from the hotel. There is also a metro station close by, which has great connection to the main train station and city center.

Where to eat?

The best traditional restaurants can be found in Sachsenhausen – we ended in Atschel, without knowing it is one of the best. Don’t forget about the green sauce and apple-wine. Even if you are in Frankfurt for one day only, you must not skip those. You will also find lots of quick and cheap bites in Sachsenhausen, like pizza, kebabs and other middle east and Balkan food.

Where to park?

If you will visit Frankfurt for one day only, without staying the night, there are lots of parking garages available, but sometimes parking can still be a challenge. Our 4WD was too high for all of them though, but at the end we have managed to find an open parking space near the fairgrounds and the newly opened shopping mall Skyline Plaza. The price was 5€/day. (Coordinates: /

Local transportation 

To really enjoy everything that Frankfur in one day offers, explore it with taking the metro (S-Bahn). It is cheap and fast. 

What if you have more than 24 hours in Frankfurt?

Having more than one day for Frankfurt is great, even though you are based in the city. There are numerous destinations, perfect as one day trips from Frankfurt. Just because of them, you could easily stay in the city for days.