travel, corona virus

To my surprise, the question if it is really so bad we are stuck at home, has not yet been asked to me by anyone, but to be honest, I have been asking it to myself a lot lately.

Epidemic, closed borders, regions, municipalities and lockdowns have stopped part of my life, part of all our lives completely. I should not bragged with not being young anymore, but luckily, until these days, I have never been witness to these kind of circumstances, we are dealing with now. It feels like a true science fiction and it is happening to all of us no matter the country we live in.

If I was totally lost, shocked and unprepared during the first pandemic and lock-down, for which we were forced to cancel many travel plans, I have to admit, that I am handling the second lock-down much better. I am not really sure what is the exact reason and I would definitely not mind spending these days on the other side of the world, but I just cannot find any good reason to feel bad when I am stuck at home.

The blogging has stopped, and even though I am still going to my steady job (Simon takes care over Ren), I cannot really remember, when I had my afternoons and evenings solely for myself and my family. I must say, I don’t miss being nervous because a large project needs to be finished in few days and that few more are waiting for this in line. Even though we will be crossing the border as soon as possible, I don’t have any itchy feet right now. Deep inside, I managed to switch off my wanderlust spirit, which is being under control with all my travel memories. I feel so grateful I have been writing this travel blog and being able to read about our adventures during these times.

We are without any real travel experiences, but so far I have managed to fill my soul with all the small things. I have finally find the time for all the simple things like cooking new things, cleaning the closets, taking a walk without any real reason, without being in a hurry all the time.

For the last couple of years, when travel blogging has become more professional, I was always in action and taking things slow, is actually very enjoyable for now. I guess the extremely busy summer did take its roll too – we were working every day, every afternoon, every evening, and every weekend. It was crazy, sometimes too crazy. Things started to slow down with October and I have started to calm myself down too.

As much as we, traveling souls, whine for not being able to travel, I do believe that every one of us can still find so many small things for which we can be grateful for during this surreal madness. Maybe the privilege of traveling and learning about other people’s daily lives, struggles and problems, showed us for how many things we can be grateful in our lives.

Sure, we have lost our travels for a while, but I still believe that the current situation has given us something extremely valuable – awareness to be truly grateful, privileged and lucky for even being able to travel.