Who we are

Our favourite travels are self-organised travels, which take us to places, where massive tourism is luckily still unknown. We travel with a backpack on our shoulders or by a 4×4 vehicle (our prefered way actually), trying to really see and get to know the visited country. We do not leave our home without a camera, as making visual memories is a must thing for us. Our travels have become reacher with a new traveller since December 2016 – we are lucky enough to be traveling together with our son Ren.

Who we are?

Nina – adventurous, active, fun and totaly in love with traveling

Her very first travel was at the age of three, when her parents took her to Greece in their travel remodeled van. Ever since than travels are part of her life and one of the biggest passions. She comes from a small European country Slovenia, which is known for its amazing beauty. Even though Slovenia has it all (mountains, sea, lakes, underground caves, forests, spas, good food and rich history), she always wanted something more and that is why she travels. She is passionat photographer, so she never lives home without a good DSLR camera and few lenses. She is always in search of good motives, light and fascinating stories, which she can share with other travellers and blog readers. Her work on this travel blog is writing, photography and taking care of Facebook account.

travel blog, love to travel, traveling

Traveling is Nina’s passion – she love to travel!

Simon – an enthusiactis off-road driver and a big fan of overland traveling

Simon had never been traveling, but than he met Nina, his wife. She introduced him what traveling is all about and he immediately got a travel bug himself too. I guess Simon always had travels deep with him, but he just did not know it. He is all about off-roading and overland traveling, so no wonder they bought a 4×4 vehicle for some of their travels. Simon likes his travels best, when he is the driver and when the roads become rough, wild and off the beaten track. When Nina is waiting for the perfect light, he makes videos for their YouTube chanel and he makes them all with the GoPro camera – what else would you expect from an adrenaline junkie. Simon does videos and photography for the blog and is also incharged for their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Nina Travels, Travel blog, travels, traveling, off-road, overland, travel bloggers

Simon likes traveling off-the beaten track

Ren – our little munchkin, who shows us the world from a different perspective

Ever since Ren was born, we have been taking him with us on our adventures. So far he is not complaining, in fact he is such a curious boy. He shows us how beautiful the world really is. He has an eye for different things than we, adults, and that is why our adventures have become even more fulfilling.

What we like from our travels?

Whenever we are on the road, time is our own thing and only as an individual travellers we can spend it as we feel we should. We drink tea or coffe with locals in a beduin tent or freshing it up, with a mango juice on the beach. We go with the flow and explore the life, which local people live.
Self organised travels give us all the needed freedom and the only obsticle on our way are we. Freedom from every day maddness, or freedom of just being away from our “developed” world, where we take fresh clothes, warm water, electricity and food on our plates, complitely for granted.

travel blog, family travel blog, traveling with a baby, traveling with kids

Traveling with a baby is even more fulfilling

Traveling shows us freedom in people as well. People who don’t care where are you from and how do you look like, but treat you like being their best friend for years…. These are people who have nothing, but give you everything… People who are not educated, but always teach you the most powerful world wisdoms in life.

We are sure that traveling make us reacher… Reacher in our thoughts, heart and soul….That is why We just love to travel!

Nina Travels, Travel blog, travels, traveling, off-road, overland, travel bloggers

Simon and Nina are adventerous travellers and bloggers, who are not afraid of anything

Everywhere we go, we write about our travels, so no surprise we have become travel bloggers. Other than travel blog “Nina Travels”, we also have travel talks and write for different travel magazines, websites. Nina was a regular writter for Slovenian first travel magazine called Svet in Ljudje (The World and it’s people) for two years, but one of her biggest success has been cooperation with Slovenian national carrier Adria Airways and its In-Flight Magazine.

Nina Travels, Travel blog, travels, traveling, off-road, overland, travel bloggers

In love in life, the world and in each other!

p.s. English is not our first language, so please excuse us for all the grammar mistakes in our travel blog “Nina Travels”! Thanks! 😉


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