Sky Walk Biokovo

Skywalk Biokovo is one of those Croatian attractions, you really should not miss, especially if you enjoy great views and some adrenalin kicking in too.

Where can you find Skywalk Biokovo?

This amazing viewing point is set in national park Biokovo. The Skywalk Biokovo might first look as reserved only for adventurous people, but don’t give up to fast. The views are really amazing and you for sure will want to experience the amazing horse-shoe shaped glass bridge set above the cliff.

The national park Biokovo is not only worth visiting due to this scenic skywalk, but also for the nature, great views and hiking trails (just be careful not to wander off the paths, as you can easily get lost). What I liked the most is the highest peak in Biokovo national park, which you can reach by the narrow and zig-zagging road. The 360° views from 1762 meters above sea level Sveti Jure (Saint Jure) are gorgeous.

The adrenalin Skywalk Biokovo

The project with the sky walk Biokovo started in 2016. The plan was to make national park Bikovo interesting for general public and to attract much more visitors than before. If you will be visiting Biokovo in high season, you will soon realize they did the perfect job, as the sky walk now attractions thousands of people each year.

The attractive Skywalk Biokovo has first opened in summer 2020. The glass bridge, overlooking 11 meters off cliff can hold up to 50 people. The views from it are absolutely spectacular. You can see the island Brač, island Hvar and island Korčula from it. You will have the Makarska region spreading bellow you and nothing can beat the view over the amazing coast and the sea.

The glass bridge measures 40 square meters and with its 50 tons really looks impressive from afar. The Skywalk Biokovo can be found on the D512 road connecting Makarska with Vrgorac and is set at 1228 meters of altitude. The whole project was demanding, not just from the construction point of view, but also from financial side – it cost over 1 million Euros.

Practical tips for visiting Skywalk Biokovo

When is the best time to visit Skywalk Biokovo?

The national park is open from April until November, as the winter is too harsh to be safe to enjoy the views. During the opened months, you can visit the park from 6am until 8 pm. If you will be traveling by car, note the car scan drive into the park every 30 minutes.

If you will be visiting the park in high season (July and August), make sure to be at the entrance early in the morning or late in the afternoon, as you might be waiting in the que for several hours.

The best time, if you ask me, is visiting the Skywalk Biokovo in low season, when there are no crowds and you will also not need to wait long at the entrance to the park.

Who can visit the national park Biokovo?

The Biokovo national park welcomes hikers, cyclists, bike riders and personal vehicles / small vans. I would definitely not recommend a visit with your own camper-home, even more with the larger one, as the road to Skywalk Biokovo is already pretty narrow. Meeting other vehicles can get extremely unpleasant.

Continuing the road to the highest peak Sveti Jure, the road gets even more narrow and to be honest, I thing you should be denied entering with a large camper already at the entrance.

What is the price for Skywalk Biokovo?

The entrance fee to national park Biokovo already includes a visit to the sky walk and the price depends how you will enter the park – on foot, by bicycle, personal car or motorbike.

We have entered the park with a personal car (2021 year) and paid 60 KUN/adult. Kids up to seven years old can enter free of charge.

Are you keen on other Skywalks?

You will find plenty of amazing sky walks in Europe and if you are keen on this kind of adrenalin structures, you should also visit the Dachstein Skywalk in Austria, which has the longest suspension bridge in the country. There are others too, but we are still having them on our travel bucket list as well.

Dachstein Sky Walk, Sky Walk Austria, Schladming Austria

The longest suspension bridge in Austria (Dachstein Sky Walk)

It does not matter if you are adrenalin enthusiast or not, the fact is that Skywalk Biokovo is really worth your time and attention and a must if you are somewhere close to Makarska.