safe travelling, terrorist attacks and traveling, where to travel

It looks like nowadays all news start with new terrorist attack. I think the most shocking and reported lately was the one in Paris. As soon as people felt a bit save, another one happened in “my” Istanbul and just a day later in Jakarta too.

Well, to be exact, there are much more attacks like this around the world every day, but we can hardly get any news about them in the media. Are some lives really more important than others? Well, let us not go any deeper into politics.

We have gotten many questions about traveling and safety after the Paris terrorist attack. Our readers more or less are asking if it is safe to travel and where? Is Paris safe now? And what about London, New York, Morocco? These kinds of questions are always the toughest, as there is just no right answer. Unfortunately we can never know where something will happen – it can happen on our front doors.

safe travelling, terrorist attacks and traveling, where to travel

Terrorist attack in Marrakech, Morocco

Terroristic attacks have been part of our lives for years and not just for the last couple of months. I still vividly remember my Morocco travel 5 years back. Suicide attacker blew himself up in the middle of Argana café – the most popular café at Jemaa El-Fnaa square in Marrakech. Most victims were tourists and if I’d reach Jemaa el-Fnaa few hours before, I might have been among them too. I reached Marrakech just few hours before the attack, but staid a bit further from the square for few unplanned hours. I came to Jemaa El-Fnaa 2-3 hours after the attack. Closer I had come, more intense it got… I think I could smell the fear, the horror and chaos in the air… I did not really know what was happening, but when I had seen police, forensics and destroyed Argana café, I knew something is very, very wrong. And then it hit me… All kind of emotions overflowed me; from fear, horror, sadness and anger… I could not help myself but being grateful… not just for missing this attack, but for being there alive. Shocks like this clearly show you, what the most important thing in life is. Even now, I feel blessed and grateful for being able to enjoy life. Lots of bad and unpleasant things can happen – illness, earthquake, war, tsunami, plane crash, car accident… So be grateful you are alive every day!

To return to the main question – safety and travelling… I cannot really say, nothing can happen, as you never know what and where can something hit you. It is similar with pills against malaria – I don’t take them, but that does not mean you should not take them either. You will unfortunately need to decide yourself where to travel to feel safe. If you will feel fear or panic when traveling, I guess it might really be better you stay at home or just go where you will feel good. But on the other hand, I know for myself that I will not stop travelling and I can just hope not to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.