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Road trips are the best way of traveling for some, including us. Giving you all the needed freedom, but on the other side traveling by car has its own limitations too.

Road trips – positive and negative sides

Positive sides of road trips

No exact dates

Taking a road trip can be very spontaneous act. You don’t even need to book accommodation up-front. We often just check booking few hours before we reach the final destination. But because we upgraded our Toyota Landcruiser 100 for traveling, we do lots of wilderness camping too. Sometimes the weather is our guide – having few days off, we check the forecast and decide on destination regarding the weather.

Low budget

Traveling as a complete family by plane in most cases does not come cheap. Road trips can be much more affordable if you take the complete cost on a four family members or friends, sharing the same car.

More freedom

Having your own ride gives you all the freedom you want. You can stop whenever and wherever for how long you wish. You can change the plan and route, if something looks interesting along the way. There are no hours to catch a bus or a train. I love it.

Observing the changes on the road

What I really enjoy about overland travels and road trips is the fact, you don’t find yourself in a whole new world after just few hours’ long flight. The world is changing in front of you and so are the people, their beliefs, culture, language, nature, landscape.

More luggage

We are always packing small, but road trips and traveling by car are perfect for everyone who can’t. You can pack much more in the car trunk than in a backpack or suitcase.

Buying souvenirs

I really enjoy road trips in far away, exotic lands and the reasons are also souvenirs. I know, women, right? Well, but having a bit more space in the car is always great when returning back home, which you can use for larger souvenirs.

Tunisia travel itinerary, Tunisia roadtrip, Tunisia selfdrive

Driving along Algerian boarder (Tunisia travel itinerary)

Negative sides of road trips

Limited with destinations

You can travel far by car, but most of us, are limited with holidays, so realistically looking, not many can go far in 2-3 weeks. And that is probably the major negative side of road trips / overland traveling.

Not well connected with locals

Doing road trips might mean you will have less contact with locals, but that also depends on you. Even though we travel by car, we stop in small villages, little known towns, eat in local restaurants and stands and always manage to have real contacts with locals. It seems, that ever since we travel with Ren (our son), we even have more contact with locals than before.

More planning

road trip needs much more planning before the departure. You have to study the roads you will take. If you want to avoid the main roads and take the less traveled ones, you will need to do even more planning. Ever since we have been traveling with our Toyota Landcruiser, we look for tracks or make our own, what gives us even more work.

Being tired (driver)

Road trips can be exhausting for drivers, especially when doing long distances and that is why road trips or overland travels are not for everyone. Be fair to yourself and if you don’t feel like driving, nothing is wrong – take the bus or a train and explore a foreign land the other way.

Road trips are not for everyone, but if you want a real adventure, excitement and lots of unforgettable moments from the road, road trips are sure a great way to travel – even more if you have enough time, to also visit further and more exotic destinations.