We have started first with a travel blog in our mother language Slovenian and when our travel blog became one of the most recognizable travel blogs in Slovenia, we needed new challenges. That is why we have decided to start blogging in English and this travel blog “Nina Travels” was made! Most of our media activity is in Slovenian language only, but a small percentage can be read in English too.

Travel articles in English (pdf file)

Oman travel - OutdoorUAE Magazine

Lost in the middle of Omani desert

Travel article, Albania travel article, Cobo winemaker, Cobo winery Albania

The lawyer who became a winemaker

OutdoorUAE MagazineIn-Flight Magazine Adria Airways
Uganda travel, travel to Uganda, Uganda travel guide, TOP things to do in Uganda, places to visit in Uganda, places to see in Uganda, Uganda sights, Uganda safari

Uganda- Africa in miniature

Albania travel, travel blog, travel article

Albania – an undiscovered jewel of the Balkans

In-Flight Magazine Adria Airways

In-Flight Magazine Adria Airways
Phuket vegetarian festival, Thailand festivals, Thailand travel, things to do in Thailand, Travel to Thailand, traveling to Thailand

Vegetarian festival, Phuket, Thailand

Oman travel, things to do in oman, Oman travel tips, Oman travel guide

Oman – a tranguil oasis, well worth your time

 In-Flight Magazine Adria Airways  In-Flight Magazine Adria Airways


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