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It was the world saving day on 31st October and when media was full of saving statistics it did make me thing, if traveling is something that really everyone can afford.

I admit, years back, when I was a student, I was determined proponent that travels are something that (almost) everyone from the western countries can afford, if that is someone’s wish, desire, passion. Every month you give some money away for traveling and in a year, two, maybe three, you have enough for traveling. It is so simple….

I cannot even believe I was that person once… so unrealistic, so far away with reality. I guess life has to hit you hard, to fall and realize that life is not a fairy tale story.

Well, if I once was sure everyone can travel, I changed my point of view completely. Not because I visited Africa, Asia, seeing people having nothing at all…  Even here in Slovenia or in any other country, there are people struggling day by day to provide food on their table, to pay the bills… to try and have a life without worrying day and night, how they will manage another day. I was there once as well.

How can you save for traveling if you cannot even afford a normal life? I know, you cannot.

Sure, travels did become more affordable, but there are still many, who don’t even dream to go somewhere. All they dream about is having a proper life, worth living for.

If you can save some money each month and if you can travel that is not something you have the right to… it is a privilege and don’t you ever forget that. Traveling is not something you take for granted, but it is something precious, for which you can be grateful every day. I know, I am.