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Prague on a budget is not impossible and even if the Czech capital is one of the European most visited and popular cities, you don’t need to spend a fortune to visit and explore Prague.

How to do Prague on a budget – best travel tips and tricks

How to reach Prague?

If you are based in surrounded countries, your best choice might be the car, what also depends from the number of travelers. But lots of low budget European airlines fly to Prague, meaning you can get a return tickets for as little as 50-60 EUR, what definitely can help you to do Prague on a budget.

Where to stay in Prague?

What kind of accommodation to choose in Prague has a lot to do with your age – hostels, hotel, Airbnb. We like privacy so we stayed at the Hotel Kampa, right in the old city center. We had all the major attractions close by and in walking distance. The price for the 4-star hotel was good and it included rich buffet breakfast. You can check more reviews about Kampa hotel on

Drink tap water

Instead of spending the money for bottled water you can use tap water and saving two things – money and the environment.

Kofola and beer

I know, it does sounds funny, but if you’ll be drinking Kofola or beer at places which are visited by the locals, these two things are cheaper than coffee. If you find 0,5 L beer bellow 60 CZK, that is definitely a good sign that the place is made for locals and not tourists.

Free of charge tourist attractions

If you are doing Prague on a budget, try to avoid the entrance fees. Many best tourist attractions in Prague are free of charge – Charles bridge, Prague castle complex, astrological clock. You will need to pay for entering in the castle and museums, but even if you don’t spend a cent on sights, you will still be able to enjoy and see the Prague.

Walk or use public transport

Exploring Prague on foot will not cost a thing, but it might be too much for everyone. In that case use public transport – it is good and cheap. Prague has buses, trams and metro system, which can take you anywhere around the city. The ticket price depends of the length – 30 minutes (24 CZK), 90 minutes (32 CZK), 24 hours (110 CZK), 3 days (310 CZK). You can use these tickets on any public transport, but do make sure that you confirmed it before starting to use it. The tickets can be bought at the self-service machines at the stations or in news-stands/kiosks.

Avoid Švejk breweries and restaurants

The famous solder Švejk can got you into troubles when trying to do Prague on a budget. Most of the breweries and restaurants using his name are a tourist trap. The locals say you should not just walk away, but run away from them.  Even if the prices might look good value, at the end you can easily pay some extras, for which you will not even know what are they.

Turn away from the main tourists’ paths

No matter if you are in Prague or anywhere else in the world, avoiding main tourist places is always a good way to do a destination on a budget. Normally this don’t even mean you have to go far – one or two side streets are already enough.

Travel off-season

To do Prague on a budget, try to avoid the peak season, which is definitely during the summer months. Also spring and autumn is not cheap, but if you are flexible with time, choose November, January or February – these months are always the slowest when visiting European cities. December in Prague is also more expensive because of its well-known Christmas market.

Be careful when using ATMs

You will need Czech koruna in Prague, what means you will either need to find an exchange bureau or use debit / credit cards. We took our debit Mastercard with us, which we could use (almost) everywhere. We just withdraw some cash because of the street vendors, but that’s it. When using ATMs, make sure to use the bank ones and not the ones from exchange bureaus, to avoid high commissions.

Prague on a budget will definitely be possible with using these 10 travel tips and tricks. But another tip from us – even if you will do Prague on a budget, don’t be too sorry for spending an extra Euro or two, as just a higher small amount often can make your traveling much more pleasant.