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Classical camping is known to everyone, but wilderness camping is exotic for many. What is wilderness camping and why I am think that this way of overnight stay should not be done by everyone.

What is wilderness camping?

In most cases, the only real difference between classical and wilderness camping is location. Instead of spending the night and pitching a tent in official camping site, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, far away from civilisation.

Why backcountry camping is not for you?


If you don’t want to miss out on the hustle and bustle of the country, a city or a town, you will not be keen on wilderness camping. The number one rule is to find remote location, far away from people, which are not easy to find or reach. This is, in many cases, the only way to be away from curious eyes.

Lacking of infrastructure

I know several people, who thinks that classical camping is already to exotic, to adventurous and to wild, but wilderness camping is even an upgrade to it. Forget about toilets, showers, grocery shops, cafes, playgrounds, pools… Sometimes just finding a good spot to park the car or/and pitch a tent in a flat area is already a challenge. 

Feeling safe

I have to admit, that when we started with wilderness camping years back, I was scared and felt really unsecured. Leaving the car or pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere, does feel a bit uncomfortable when comparing it to a locked down hotel room or secured camping ground, where other people also make you feel a little bit safer. But doing wilderness camping on a regular basis, you get used to it and sometimes, ironically, it is safer than being surrounded with others.

Being adventurous

The fact is, that wilderness camping is far more adventurous than any other overnight option. After all, surrounded with nature, in the middle of the forest, home to all kinds of animals, including bears, snakes, lions, is really quite an experience.

Where is hygiene?

Oh yes, even you are not moved by the above facts, many people will stop when lacking every day hygiene. I have to be honest here – there are times, when we are without a shower for a week and the only bathroom represents our jerry-can. We are normally extra thrilled, when a bivouac is set along the river, lake or the sea, where we can at least wash our self properly. The cold water is sometimes another challenge, but being all fresh and tidy gives you a true priceless moment.


Maybe some will not agree, but in my opinion modesty is one of the features every traveler, doing wilderness camping, has to have. If you are practising wilderness camping you never expect any luxury, as clean river, nice spot to park your car or pitch a tent and forest with abundance of wild berries are actually the best luxury. Not to mention the peace and quiet for your own thoughts. You for sure cannot get this when surrounded with lots of people, even in a more luxurious place.

Some people are against wilderness camping, stating we are harming the nature, when practising it. But the reality is a bit different –  wilderness camping is a way of life and part of the philosophy in which we are grateful and respectful for the Mother nature, what I sure cannot say for many people, who are spending their holidays in official camping grounds.