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This might sound funny, but I am certain that being in good shape makes your traveling easier and so much nicer. In my opinion having a good travel plan is only half of the trip, the rest is your shape. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fitness addict, but being in a good shape is actually good for your health in general and luckily also for traveling.

I can give you 4 reasons, why traveling is easier when being in good shape:

Higher endurance

Everyone being in a good shape are more endurance and can bear more. Traveling is not lying at the beach with a cocktail in one hand, but a bit more tiring. It normally includes lots of walking, maybe hiking, sleepless nights because of long rides, carrying your backpacks, maybe even diving. If you are in a good shape, you will be able to endure this much easier than someone without good physical condition.

Better immunity

The fact is that tired body is less immune towards viruses and other diseases and travels will make your body tired. Being in a better shape, you will have better chances to stay healthy on the road.

Ability to be more patient

I don’t know you, but whenever I am tired I get less patient, what is definitely not a good thing when being on the road. Lots of planned things don’t go according to our plan during traveling and being patient is crucial then. Waiting for the bus / train, searching for the right place to stay, bargaining… All this is tightly connected with being patient.

Bringing home better memories

Being in a good shape, less tired and sick, will also make better memories, which you can take home and remember for years.

Being in good shape or not is of course your own choice and probably also depends from your travel style, but keep in mind that good physical condition is important at home or on the road. Nevertheless, I’d also highly recommend you to always take good travel health insurance, as you never know what the adventures and experiences on the road might bring. And most importantly – enjoy, after all we travel to enjoy life.