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Have you ever asked yourself why Paris is known as the most romantic city in the world? It might be for its charm, for its beautifully designed parks, for bohemian quarters or walk along the river Seine. But I guess you cannot go truly romantic in Paris without staying in the right hotel, like boutique hotel Phileas.

Botique Hotel Phileas

A welcome in style (Botique Hotel Phileas, Paris)

Botique hotel Phileas review

Hotel Phileas location

You will not find the Hotel Phileas in the most common touristic areas in Paris, but who cares. Sometimes being a bit out of the most common touristic paths, bring more advantages than disadvantages. Staying at the hotel, we were set in the real Paris charm, without groups of tourists and street vendors selling you all kind of souvenirs.

The Hotel Phileas was surrounded with restaurants – from typical Parisian bistros to Middle East and Asian restaurants, which have a little bit more realistic prices than the ones in touristic areas.

One of the best things of Hotel Phileas location is being based just steps away from the Saint Lazare train station, which connects the charming Versailles and where also a vast metro system starts. Exploring Paris is easy from here on and if you choose free things to do in Paris, also very affordable.

The Hotel Phileas is also perfect if you came to Paris for shopping, as the famous Gallery Lafayette is just about 7 minutes walking from the hotel. A little further is the amazing Louvre museum, for which you’ll need around 20 minutes by foot. The same distance is to Moulin Rouge.

Rooms in hotel Phileas

We have to admit, that we are extremely lucky lately. Due to blogging we have been guests in numerous luxury hotels and we did raise our criteria quite a bit. Nevertheless, we both were positively surprised when seeing the hotel room. Beautiful and modern design is something we are keen of and that is why we felt perfect when staying in the Hotel Phileas. The room was not just beautiful and charming, but alos perfect for romantic weekend get-away.

Botique Hotel Phileas

Our charming room (Botique Hotel Phileas, Paris)

If the room already charmed us, you should see our face, when seeing its large bathroom. The shower was something we did not even expect – we could adjust the light colors as we wished; from green, red, purple, blue… Loved it!

Botique Hotel Phileas

One of a kind shower – you can chooseyour own lightning color (Botique Hotel Phileas, Paris)

The only downside of the room was its window view, but for something great like that, Paris has another price rank.

Food in Hotel Phileas                

Hotels in Paris with their own restaurants are one of the most expensive in Paris. Majority of hotels in Paris offer breakfast, but it is mainly not included in the price. But if you ask us, nothing is better than starting your day with fresh coffee, warm croissants and crunchy baguettes. The breakfast at Hotel Phileas was more than we hoped for. Having freshly squeezed orange juice was something we still miss today.

Botique Hotel Phileas

When good breakfast makes your day great (Botique Hotel Phileas, Paris)

The only minus for the breakfast area is that it is a bit too small. There are only few tables, so you have to be there before 8am to get the space.

Botique Hotel Phileas

The breakfast room was charming but just a little bit tiny for all the guests (Botique Hotel Phileas, Paris)

A really good feature of the Hotel Phileas was also its free coffee-tea corner during the day. Not only coffee, tea and water were available, you could indulge yourself with yummy macaroons too. I guess we don’t need to tell you twice, we were there every afternoon.

Botique Hotel Phileas

Afternoon tea or coffe with yummy macaroons (Botique Hotel Phileas, Paris)

Personnel in Hotel Phileas

It is no secret that French are not really good with speaking English, so we were very curious how English will be spoken in the Hotel Phileas. To our surprise, all the personnel at the front desk spoke great English and were also very helpful with advices on what to do and see in Paris.

Prices in hotel Phileas

Hotels in Paris don’t come cheap. For a rundown place in a bad location you will need to pay more than you would ever want.

Hotel Phileas is not cheap, but that is how it is in Paris if you want charm. But on the bright side, spending a bit more money on the room, will definitely be worth it and you can still make your travel to Paris on a budget.

If you want to avoid extremely high prices, travel to Paris off-season. Have in mind that you will still need to spend around 150 EUR/night for a nice double room.

We were staying in Hotel Phileas 3 nights and for a real romantic get-away, the Hotel Phileas was with no doubt the right choice. Maybe some will be turned off for its location, but that was actually a bonus for us, as we are keener of places, which are not covered with tourists and have a local vibe.

Botique Hotel Phileas

Botique Hotel Phileas was fantastic for our romantic weekend get-away

Writing this review reminded me of all the macaroons eaten during our afternoon coffee and it made me want to return to Paris and in Hotel Phileas. Not to mention the beautiful designed room and that color-adjustable shower, what made all a bit sexy and perfect for true romantic trip in Paris.

Video – Botique Hotel Phileas

Our stay in Hotel Phileas was complimentary, but all opinions and recommendations are completely our own.