Guatemala travel guide, Guatemala travel, Things to do in Guatemala, Places to visit in Guatemala, travel to Guatemala

Guatemala is known as the cheapest country to travel in Central America. Due to its smallness, Guatemala is fantastic also for travelers with limited time.

Guatemala is colorful and rich in history, landscape and its people so don’t think twice and visit it soon. If you don’t know where to start, read this Guatemala travel guide and find out all the needed information for traveling around it – costs, transportation, accommodation, safety, top things to do and much more.

Guatemala travel guide, Guatemala travel, Things to do in Guatemala, Places to visit in Guatemala, travel to Guatemala

Guatemala travel guide

Guatemala travel guide and travel tips

Guatemala Visa

Good news is that most nationalities don’t need visa to enter Guatemala or any other Central American countries. In fact, you can stay here for 90 days as a tourist / traveler.

Guatemala transportation

Local people mostly travel by Las Camionetas or so called Chicken buses. They are absolutely the cheapest option you will find here (1-2 hour journey – 0,75 EUR). Don’t be surprised to sit by a chicken; after all, that is how the buses got their nick name. The second option, which is still affordable and much more comfortable are the mini vans, which take you to most places in Guatemala. Tickets are normally bought at the local tourist agencies.

Accommodation in Guatemala

You can get everything you want here. From a dirt cheap rooms, which will costs you about 1,5 EUR/night (don’t expect luxury!) to a normal door room for about 4 EUR/night. If you want a private room with your own bathroom, you will need to spend a little more and the costs depends of the city (20-40 USD/room). If you can spend even more, you will be charmed at the amazing villas / haciendas!

Guatemala food 

Guatemala is the place to be if you like tortillas, quesadillas and sea food. The food can be bought very cheaply at the street food sellers or at so called Comedores (two course meal costs about 2,50 EUR).If you prefer tourist restaurant, prepare yourself 7-8 EUR per meal. Don’t forget on the delicious Guatemalan coffee!

Bargain for price 

Also in Guatemala is recommended to bargain for price. If nothing else, this skill comes in handy when buying from street sellers or on the markets. If you are traveling in a larger group, try to get a group discount.

Woman traveler in Guatemala

I was not traveling by myself in Guatemala, but we were a group of three girlfriends and we did not have a single problem on the road.

Things to do in Guatemala

Not only that Guatemala has lots of Mayan historical sites, we can find here amazing diversity. Guatemala is rich in numerous and colorful markets, colonial cities, volcanoes, lakes, jungles and beaches…. Every traveler can find something for him/herself here as there are many things to do in Guatemala.

Safety in Guatemala

Guatemala is known as a problematic country, when it comes to safety and crime. I will not lie to you, but it is true – Guatemala has some problems, but using your common sense, you will be fine! Local people told me I should not wander around after dark, wear jewelry, expensive watch and showing off my camera to often… Taking these advices into the account, my two friends and I were enjoying here without a single problem.

Communication language in Guatemala 

If you know at least some basic Spanish you will have no problems at all. English is not widely spoken, but using your hands, drawings and smiles will take you far as well.

When to go to Guatemala

The best time for Guatemala travel is from November to March. During these winter months the country is mostly dry and perfect for traveling around. But if you don’t mind some storms and sudden showers, you can travel to Guatemala also during the summer. Good news is that it is off season than and everything is cheaper.

Guatemala travel is something you will remember forever; as the country has everything you would ever dream of. No matter what you want and look for, you will definitely find it here in Guatemala!