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Even though Simon and I are more and more into overland traveling by our 4×4, we have still travelled greatly by a public transport. Nevertheless most of the travelers use public transport while traveling, so let me tell you why this is always a good option.

TOP reasons to travel by public transport

  • Price

Using public transport on your travels is always the cheapest option, so everyone who travel on a budget, this is definitely the option you will most likely use.

  • Comfort

Tuk-tuk is not a very comfortable option, especially if you share it with a fellow traveler, both having your large backpacks. On the other hand public buses and trains are much more comfortable. I love trains, as during long rides, I can walk around and stretch my legs. More comfortable buses from the normal ones are so called VIP buses – they have less rows, wider seats, more space for your legs. The VIP bus price is a little higher from the normal bus, but still very cheap, comparing it to the EU or USA.

  • Night driving

For long trips you might consider using the night bus or train – you will travel by night and for the price of one, you will actually get two things – the ride and an accommodation.
Just a note – in some countries buses turn on the A/C on a very low temperature and it is freezing cold inside. A warm clothes and even a blanket are recommended!

  • Good stopping location

Traveling by a public transport is great also because it normally brings you to the top locations in the city center, so you are in the middle of action in a second.

  • Hanging out with the locals

Should I add anything else? My best and favorite reasons why I just love traveling by public transport are the locals. I can really get to know them better like this. I can easily talk to them, find out how they thing and getting to know all the minor things, for which I can say I did get to know the country deeper. I have never had any bad experiences with them and I have always met people, which will stay in my heart forever. Someone was there only to talk to, some to share lunch with and others took me home, to meet their families. Ah, they joy of traveling…

public transport travel, travel by public transport, travel tips, traveling tips, travel blog

Travel by public transport is always a good decission

Travel by public transport is always a good decision and it is not complicated at all. There is always someone, who helps you with finding the right bus / train or helps you with buying a ticket, so don’t worry and hesitate – just use it and enjoy!