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There is no doubt, you have already heard for ginger bread. Maybe not on a daily bases, but Christmas is surely the time, when some households bake this wonderful bread, which makes the whole house as in a bakery shop. Did you know that Slovenia has a very long tradition in baking the ginger bread as well? Traditionally they were shaped as hearts and represented a present to our loved ones. 

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

Lectar restaurant, accomodation and museum (Ginger bread museum Radovljica)

The ginger bread in Slovenia is called Lectar and represents our living heritage. No wonder we even have a museum about it. The Lectar museum (ginger bread museum) can be found in Radovljica, which has its old town neatly renovated. Just sitting on the main Linhart square shows you its charming atmosphere. If you visit their ginger bread museum you will feel like in a fairytale of Hansel and Gretel, but without the bad witch.

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

Ginger bread museum is a living museum, which makes tradition alive since 1766 (Ginger bread museum Radovljica)

Not many people know about the Lectar museum, what makes it one of the best kept secrets in Slovenia. It was not long ago, when it was first discovered by me as well.  The Lectar museum can be found in more than 500 old and historically important building and baking ginger bread is its tradition since 1766. When visiting the museum you can not only smell the ginger breads, but you can also see, how they are being made.

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

Ginger breads are made from scratch here – from dough to decoration (Ginger bread museum Radovljica)

They make everything here – from dough to ornaments and we can even see the whole process. That is why we call this museum a living museum. Inside it there are real people, baking the real gingerbreads and decorating them in front of you, what makes everything so much more appealing. Everyone in the museum wear traditional clothes from the 18th century, typically for the town of Radovljica. Being in this lively museum feels very authentic for that time. They even prepare the ginger breads with old machinery.

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

Each Lectar heart is hand decorated and it has a love though in the middle (Ginger bread museum Radovljica)

The traditional shape of ginger bread is a heart, but they are very up-dated and can offer you also new, popular designs- one of the most popular among kids is with no doubt the Hello Kitty character… you can also get cars, bunnies, cats… 

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

Finished traditionally made Lectar hearts (Ginger bread museum Radovljica)

The traditional Lectar heart (ginger bread heart) has a love thought in the middle, as it was given as a present to the love ones. Luckily, the Lectar museum knows that tourists come from all around the world, and have thoughts available in all kind of different languages; from English, to Chinese.

If you make an appointment, you can even make / decorate your own heart, what makes a great and unique present!

Lectar museum and opening hours

  • summer time:  11.00-22.00
  • winter time: 12.00 – 22.00

Entrance fee: 1,50 EUR/pp ( if you are a guest in their Lectar restaurant, the visit of the museum is free of charge)

Do it yourself tour: If you want to decorate your own ginger bread heart, the ticket costs 10 EUR/adults and 8 EUR/children, but please note you have to make an appointment for this before coming.

Lectar restaurant

In the remarkable 500 year old house is not only the Lectar museum, but also the second oldest tradition – restaurant. The restaurant is here ever since 1822 and they serve Slovenian traditional dishes. No matter what time of the year you visit the restaurant, they will always have everything available – also the dishes, which are normally served in Slovenia only in the winter time.

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

Traditionally decorated rooms in Lectar restaurant, where TOP Slovenian traditional food is being served (Radovljica, Slovenia)

All the employees in the restaurant wear traditional clothes from the 18th century, what really makes you feel stepping back in time. The restaurant is decorated in the old-fashioned style, typical for Slovenia, what makes everything even more authentic.

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

First course: Pate made out of beef, duck and rabbit livers

Their food is amazing – not only it is very, very good, it has also its own uniqueness when being served. Lots of imagination is needed to serve such well presented dishes, which you will not forget easily. 

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

Second course: Pumpking and leek soup, served on a very unique style (Lectar restaurant)

All the ingredients they are using are fresh, home-grown or local. I really like their menus, as they are exactly like most of the foreign visitors need. They are not only available in English, German, Italian and French, but each description has its own photo, what makes your choice much easier.

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

Third course: Snails in baked bacon (Lectar restaurant)

The Lectar restaurant makes a big effort in preserving the Slovenian traditions and history. Tradition walks hand by hand with modern touch here and that is why this restaurant is one of a kind.

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

Fourth course: Rabbit in a sauce, served in dough bowl, which reminds on the rabbit house

If you are coming here during the summer, you will love their open air terrace, as it has stunning views over the Apls. You will be reminded over and over, how beautiful Slovenia is.

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

Fourth course: Goulash with home made Slovenian filled ravioli (idrijski žlikrofi)

I can honestly say everyone will be charmed over the Lectar restaurant – even the pickiest eaters. This restaurant has everything what it takes, to be put on the “one of the best restaurants in Slovenia” list. It has delicious Slovenian food, traditional ambience and its own uniqueness. Perfect for everyone looking to try our traditional food.

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

Fifth course: Apple strudel and Linhart sweet – a must thing to try! Apple strudle is the oldest desert for Lectar restaurant, as it is being made here since 1822.

Lectar accommodation/ rooms

I guess nothing can beat offering the whole package, so you will not find only the museum and restaurant here, but as well very neatly decorated private rooms. All the rooms have got the feel of tradition, but if you really want to have the best feeling of it, take the upper rooms, as with their 300 year-old wooden trams, they really look unique.

Ginger bread museum Radovljica

The Lectar restaurant and museum offers also uniqe rooms – some of them have 300 year-old trams on the ceilings

More about this family run Lectar museum, their restaurant and rooms on their web page