Rain, wind and sun – the Gozo Island (Day 4)


Everyone mostly knows Malta for being an island country, but did you know that Malta actually includes some other islands as well? Two most known islands are Gozo and Comino.

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The Gozo Island is famous for its Gozo lace

During our Malta exploration we also visited the Gozo Island. The weather forecast was not really promising, but we were still hoping for some sunshine. At the end we mostly had heavy clouds, but hey, it would be too good to be true, if we would only have sunshine during our Malta travel.

gozo island, island gozo, gozo island malta

Gozo Island is full of old, beautiful narrow streets

The Gozo Island was extremely windy, so we were happy to have some winter jackets with us after all. If you’ll be traveling to Malta in winter months, make sure to have windproof clothes with you, especially when visiting the most famous part of the Gozo Island – Dwejra National park with its popular Azure Window.

gozo island, island gozo, gozo island malta

The most famous tourist attraction in Gozo – The Azure Window

We have also stopped at Citadella, which has been renovated, but still offers nice views over the Gozo’s capital. We realize that Gozo is a mixture of small historical towns and nature, which is vivid green during the winter months.

gozo island, island gozo, gozo island malta

View from Citadella and the rest of the Gozo Island

You will find lots of megalithic temples in Malta and we have also visited one at Gozo. The Ggantija temple is actually the most famous of them all, as it is under UNESCO world heritage protection. The temple might look as a pile of rocks, but when you get to know their history, you realize that these rocks have huge historical value.

gozo island, island gozo, gozo island malta

Megalithic temple Ggantija is under UNESCO world heritage protection (Gozo island)

We enjoyed our day trip to the Gozo Island even though the weather was not too kind to us. Comparing Gozo Island to Malta, Gozo is more relaxed, peaceful and greener. If you ask us if it was worth visiting, we can easily say yes. Not only Gozo was interesting for its nature and tourist attractions, it was also a great place to try some of Maltese traditional food.


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