LIVE: Our little munchkin is becoming a real foodie


When we started our overland travel, Ren was 8 months old. Having 4 teeth, he was already a good eater, so cooking has been a must and our daily routine.

But when Simon and I went out to taste some local cuisine, it soon became clear that he will not be satisfied with only watching us and having bread in his hands. Whenever we tried some new food, he showed us, he want to try that too. That is why, we have slowly be giving him (almost) everything we got on our table.

baby traveling, traveling with a baby, baby food while traveling

Yummy pomegranate juice (Turkey with a baby)

Ren is not a picky eater – even though we had some problems with few sorts of food at home, he now eats everything we give him.

I love the fact he is equally thrilled on fruit, diary, vegetables or meat.

baby traveling, traveling with a baby, baby food while traveling

Trying turkish food (Turkey with a baby)

If we now stop for a bite, ordering kebab, soup, gozleme, pide, humus, salad, freshly squeezed juice from oranges or pomegranates… We now know, that we are ordering the food for three hungry stomachs. And if first bites of solid food were fascinating, watching him how mad he is on Turkish food, is a true joy.


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