LIVE: Greece never seems to disappoints


Greece is one of those countries, which Simon and I visit with or without planning. It seems we end up here every two years. And without any plans, we decided to stop here on our way back home now too.

Thassos island, Thasos Island, Thassos Greece

Beautiful bays all to ourselves (Thassos Island, Greece)

We decided for the Thassos Island, which was the closest to our way and also big or small enough to take it slow and easy while exploring it for few days.

Thassos island, Thasos Island, Thassos Greece

Natural sea pool Giola (Thassos Island, Greece)

Short daily trips, seeping frapes, eating gyros, dipping fresh white bread in tzatziki, while listening to the sea, which makes you feel like being on a tropical island, because of its turquoise color.

Thassos island, Thasos Island, Thassos Greece

Exploring the island (Thassos Island, Greece)

There are almost no tourists, being here in October, what definitely makes everything more pleasant, if you are like us and don’t really enjoy crowds of tourists. Lots of hotels and restaurants are closed though, but nothing can beat having beautiful bays only to yourself.

Thassos island, Thasos Island, Thassos Greece

Octopus out to dry (Thassos Island, Greece)

Well, the only think, which could top it all off, is warmer sea, to take a swim, but hey, being in shorts in October and taking in some warm sun, is not bad either, right?


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    Nick @ on

    If you hate crowds, this is a great time to see Greece, especially the more touristy areas. Sure, some things are closed but there’s still so much to do and see!

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