Baby food while traveling


Your life can get very complicated with the baby and we know many people, who rather stay at home, as there’s just too much work on the road with the little munchkin.

When we traveled around Sardinia and Ren was still breastfed, we got some comments that we should wait when he will start eating solid food and that that will be sure the reason we won’t be on the road so much then.

baby food when traveling, traveling with a baby

When he is hungry, we have to stop and feed him (Baby food while traveling)

Sure, life can get very complicated or it doesn’t… believe it or not, but it all depends how you think of it and do it. Luckily we have never been keen on complicating our lives, but that does not mean we buy baby food in a jar and serve him that. The easiest thing to do would with no doubt be buying Ren’s food, but if we don’t eat food from cans and we cook mostly everything by ourselves, we sure want the same for our baby.

baby food when traveling, traveling with a baby

We don’t leave home without Avent steamer (Baby food while traveling)

Luckily we have discovered our fourth travel partner – the Philips Avent 4 in 1 Steamer, blender, heater and defroster. We take it everywhere with us – if staying in hotels, hostels, apartments, camping places… As long as we have electricity we are good. We also use the 4 in 1 steamer at home, as it is so easy and we don’t need to have special pot for cooking and blending.

baby food when traveling, traveling with a baby

Preparing lunch in a hotel room (Baby food while traveling)

baby food when traveling, traveling with a baby

Easy to use and so practical for being on the road – Philips Avent steamer (Baby food while traveling)

If we are at home, we use home-grown veggies, but when being on the road, we mostly be veggies at the local markets. We give Ren meat, whenever we buy it for ourselves as well, as it would be hard to get so little from the butcher.

baby food when traveling, traveling with a baby

That’s the spirit when he wants more veggies (Baby food while traveling)

We normally serve him rice-flakes or something similar for breakfast and dinner and we prepare him veggies for morning snack and lunch. Ren eats veggies 2-3 times per day and you should see his enthusiasm, when he sees them… he always starts to smile, making yummy noises and waving with hands… Oh yes, someone loves veggies and mummy’s cooking.

baby food when traveling, traveling with a baby

Veggies are yummy (Baby food while traveling)

baby food when traveling, traveling with a baby

We drink water when thirtsy (Baby food while traveling)

We give him fruit for an afternoon snack. We try to serve him seasonal fruit, but just in case we always have a good old banana at hand – just in case if the new fruit is no to his liking yet. He is now 7,5 months old and he also get white bread – just to hold it, chew it and tries to eat it. He is all messy and sticky afterwards, but that’s the way it is.

baby food when traveling, traveling with a baby

In between his meals, he likes to chew on bread (Baby food while traveling)

Well, we won’t lie – there is some work with preparing his food when traveling and sometimes it feels, like we do nothing else than preparing, cooking, feeding and cleaning, but we don’t take this as a complication, but as something normal. We don’t stress because of it and it is actually funny seeing him, tasting new food. And to be honest, this period does not last forever. He will be eating with us in no time and then the real fun will begin… cannot wait to see him tasting different food from all around the world.


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    Thank you for the info! When my wife and I had our first one, we stayed home a lot to avoid all the trouble. But with the second one, we prefer to travel more than stucking at home. Those are great idea for us to prepare for our road trip next month!

    • avatar

      Hi David,
      glad to read the blog post about baby food while traveling was helpful. 🙂 We are leaving on a 2 months roadtrip tomorrow and and Philips Avent 4in1 steamer is going with us as well. 🙂
      Happy traveling, Nina

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