Zoo Herberstein, Austria with kids, theme parks

The Zoo Herberstein has opened its doors in 1960, but some animals (mostly deer) were present here ever since 17th century. The estate is huge and you will not find just the zoo there – you will be able to wander around the Herberstein Castle and admire the historical rose garden too. The Herberstein estate has more than 700 year old family tradition and that is definitely one more reason to explore it.

ZOO Herberstein

Animals from all around the world

The whole area of the ZOO Herberstein is divided into continents, where you can see more than 700 animals from all over the world. If you are lucky enough, you can even spot some puppies – this year, they are having 30 of them, including 3 baby lions.

Playgrounds for kids

Visiting the ZOO Herberstein is really not just about animals. You can find several playgrounds there – swings, slides, pirate ship… There is even a natural trail, where you walk barefoot to be able to feel different natural grounds.

Special corners for babies and mums

Breast feeding mums will definitely cherish to find an area made for them. There is a special corner /house, which you can use to prepare food, change diapers relax and of course breastfeed too.

Refreshing shower for the dogs

Not all zoos are accepting dogs, but dogs are welcome in the ZOO Herberstein. In fact, they even have a special water station for them, where you can shower them. That sure makes a very nice feature for all the dog owners during the hot summer days.

Food and drinks

The ZOO Herberstein also has three different restaurants. You will also find two water fountains to refill your bottles free of charge in the zoo.

Some more information about the ZOO Herberstein

The ZOO Herberstein is open all year round, but with a special schedule during the winter season, so make sure to check the opening hours before visiting. The zoo even has a special events, when it is open in the evening too. You can rent a cart to drive your luggage and kids inside. There is even an electric train running from the main entrance to the castle from April to October. The ZOO is accessible with a wheel chair too, but not the complete area tough. I also like the fact that all the parking spaces for the cars are free of charge. You can already get the tickets to the ZOO Herberstein online at www.tierwelt-herberstein.at.

The ZOO Herberstein is a great place to visit with kids during your travel around Austria or maybe when doing a city break in Graz, as it is only about 50 kilometers away. Walking among animals and having fun at the playgrounds will no doubt additionally spice up your already great family trip.