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Traveling is fun, adventurous and rewarding! Oh yes, travels can be fulfilling, but travels can also be scary and filled with unpleasant things, moments and stories. It does not really matter how well we are travelled, unpleasant things can happen to a first-timer or to a travel expert.

My worst travel moments

I am happy that my travels are mostly filled with great memories and stories, but still, here is my list of five worst travel moments.

Heart attack

It was my very first solo travel at the age of 18, when I stayed with a Turkish family for almost 3 weeks. It was an ordinary morning, when I was all set up for new day and exploration of Istanbul.

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Istanbul, Turkey

I wanted to say goodbye before going out, when I saw mum of the family, showing me, her heart bits strongly. She did not speak English and I did not know any words in Turkish. Luckily, there were already cell phones, so I called her daughter, explaining what is happening and she immediately stepped into action… Not long, her brother came and so did the ambulance. Luckily all ended good, but this sure was one of the most unforgettable first solo trips.

Anal fissure

Don’t laugh, but this medical issue is quite often among travelers due to a bad digestion. Honestly told, before I got this »pain in the ass«, I have never even heard for it.

It was my first day at the Greek Island of Lefkada and due to a long roadtrip, I had lots of problems with slow digestion. I first though I got hemorrhoids, but no, this was even worse. The pain felt like someone is cutting me from the inside – I could hardly walk, sit or lie. Luckily for me the best things to do in Lefkada were still ticked-off.

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Lefkada Island, Greece

Bad enough, this was such severe injury, that I needed surgery and even though it has been more than 1,5 years from this accident, I am still not good and anal fissure is keep repeating… I just hope this will not be something I will have to live with.

Lost in the middle of a dessert

Who is so irresponsible that goes crossing the desert without a proper tool and knowledge? Well, we were…

Spending a day in Wahiba Sands in Oman raised our self-confidence and the next day we decided to go deeper into the desert.

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Wahiba Sands, Oman

Not having a proper map, a GPS, a compass, we of course got lost in the middle of high sand-dunes. Luckily, we were saved by some local camel farmers, who helped us finding the right path. I cannot even thing, how bad this could end. If nothing else, we learned our lesson for the rest of our lives.


Well, this is not really the worst thing, as diarrhea is something that every traveler gets from time to time. Luckily, I have not had many bad moments on my travels and that is why this came up to the list of my worst travel moments too.

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Amman, Jordan

Funny enough, I did not get a diarrhea from street food, ice-cream, drinks, bad hygiene, but from tasting the Death Sea in Jordan. More about this silliness here.

Car problems

Simon and I love traveling by our Land Cruiser and we are more and more into overland traveling. Of course lots can happen to a car on the road, no matter how well it is prepared and maintained. So far (touching wood), the worst thing was a broken shock absorber during our Moldova travel. But if it was not for the broken shock absorber, we would never meet so many kind locals, who helped us with fixing the problem.

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As already written before, I consider myself to be extremely lucky, as my worst problems, are not really so bad. The most important is that I learned my lesson from each awkward moment, what after all, is why traveling is so rewarding.