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Winter is charming, but can also be cold, snowy and gray. Are you also one of many, looking for a winter travel break and have no idea, where to? Check out our 7 ideas for your winter travel break if you are based in Europe and don’t want to spend too much for the new adventure.

Where to for winter travel break?

  • Slovenia and its spas

Slovenia, as a tourist destination, is getting more and more popular recently (and that’s not because of Melania Trump, even though that helps a bit too). This little country has so much to offer, but still, most of tourists are visiting it from spring to autumn, not knowing the winter travel break can be really enjoyable too. Slovenia has lots of natural water springs and with that many spas, which are good against different kind of diseases. A very popular region in Slovenia for spas is Pomurje, which will get you busy outside of the pool too. Check out, what Pomurje offers, here.

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Slovenia winter travel break

  • Austria

If you are a winter enthusiast, you definitely should consider Austria for a winter travel break. Austria has loads of ski resorts, but it is also popular for different winter activities like snowmobiles, hiking, ice-skating, ice-kiting, ice-climbing, sledding (including dog-sledding).

winter travel, winter travel break, winter travel escape, winter travel get-away

Austria winter travel break

  • Malta

If you are based in Europe and want to enjoy some sun, head down to Malta. This tiny Mediterranean island is great for winter escape, as it offers spring alike temperatures and lots of sun. We were traveling to Malta in January and can highly recommend it for a winter travel break – more about the country here.

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Malta winter travel break

  • Sicily

Who does not like Italy? Good food and good wine, combined with lots of history and unique landscape, offers everything you need for an interesting and unforgettable holiday. Sicily is great for winter travel break, as it is relatively warm and there are almost no tourists, what makes it cheaper as well.

winter travel, winter travel break, winter travel escape, winter travel get-away

Sicily winter travel break

  • Madeira

If you are looking for some exotic feel during your winter travel break, but don’t want to leave Europe, visit Portuguese island Madeira. The climate is warm all year round and its volcanic soil is rich for growing bananas, mangos, papayas and passion fruit. But these are definitely not the only reasons why Madeira should be put on your travel bucket list – read more, why Madeira will charm you here.

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Madeira winter travel break

  • Morocco

Morocco might not be on everyone’s travel radars lately due to terrorism threats, but if you ask us, Morocco is perfect for traveling and also safe. The country offers a little bit of everything, as it is rich in culture, history, nature, colors, tradition, views, food…. You can find out more about Morocco travel here.

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Morocco winter travel break

  • Dubai

Last but not least on our winter travel break list is Dubai. Dubai might be a playground for rich and famous, but even though you don’t have a fortune to spend, you can still have fun and explore Dubai (5 tips how to do Dubai on a budget). When most of Europe is having harsh winter, Dubai is pleasantly warm for exploration – and believe us, there is lots to see for young and old.

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Dubai winter travel break

No matter what destination you choose, we are sure you will enjoy your winter travel break. After all, just going somewhere is already exciting and fulfilling for your mind and body.