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When we were overland traveling across Turkey, Georgia and Armenia for two months with than only 8 months old baby boy, we got lots of doubts and weird looks, as if we were mad. But on the other side, we got lots of positive feedback from other traveling parents, what clearly shows, traveling with a baby is totally possible.

But before you go on a travel with a baby, have in mind that traveling will change…  It is not worse or better…it is just very, very different.

What are the indicators you should never travel with a baby?


If you are traveling with a baby, prepare yourself to get LOADS of attention. Everyone will talk to you, cuddle your baby, and want to take photos with him/her, giving him/her presents. We never felt bad because of it or annoyed, but extremely surprised, how a baby can open people’s hearts. And seeing Ren happy and smiling, it did look, he is enjoying people’s company as well. You can read more about the attention and Ren here.


Sure, baby will not remember much or anything from traveling, but I am positive that traveling will shape his/her character and mind. He/She will grow up, surrounded with different people, culture, traditions, what is definitely a big plus – at least for us.

We have also noticed how curious he has become, seeing new things every day. Sometimes he was shouting out with joy because of that.  He also showed us a totally new perspective on everything that is around us. It is sad that adults often forget about the little things in life, but traveling with a baby will reveal them to you all over again.…


When you are traveling with a baby you don’t have any other choice than being adaptable. You can do an itinerary, but at the end everything depends on your little traveler. If you cannot adapt to his/her hours for sleeping, eating, playing, you and the baby will be suffering during the travel and it might really be better to just stay at home.


We won’t lie – traveling with a baby is not easy – especially on the beginnings, when you have to adopt to his/her rhythm. Forget about lazy afternoons, drinking coffee in peace and quiet… It’s action time all the time.


Long-term traveling with a baby never goes according to a plan, so forget about it. Your only plan is to improvise all the time. When we were doing an overland travel for 2 months and when the car became our home, there was no running water for washing clothes, no washing machine for cleaning the dishes, no shower … We had to rely on our resourcefulness.

Night life

The only night life when traveling with a baby is, when he/her is not sleeping and you are awake in the middle of the night. But on the other hand, you’ll be able to see every possible sunset – we were actually awake before them.

Take it slow

Before we had a baby we wanted to see as much as possible in the given time, what became mission impossible when traveling with a baby. Take it slow, don’t rush and you will finally realize that less is actually much, much more.


Our best advice for traveling with a baby is to forget about complicating things. Yes, your baby will get dirty, you will not be able to wash him/her every day, he/she will sometimes eat dirt… So what! We all grew like this and nothing is wrong with us… so your baby will also be fine – if not even better than the rest, who are stuck at home in a sterile home.

We will never finger show if you are not keen on traveling with kids. Why would we? Everyone has its own right to live as she/he wants. If you don’t feel self-confident for traveling with kids, than don’t – nothing is wrong with you. And it is also nothing wrong with us, if we choose to spend our lives on the road. We don’t do it to brag about it. We do it, because this is our way of life, our passion, which we want to carry on to our kids as well. And you know what they say – you will see the happiest child, surrounded with happy parents, so don’t stay at home, because people around you think you are crazy for traveling with a baby.