traveling with a baby, travel with kids

Everyone who travels with a baby or a child has been already dealing with different negative comments – from being selfish not to stop traveling when getting a baby, to torture a child with traveling, or maybe even a remark, how we throw away our money, because our kids will not remember anything from the trip.

Well, they might have a certain point, but believe me – traveling with a baby or a child cannot be looked at only as white and black. And if you ask me – children are happy when they are growing surrounded with happy parents. And if traveling makes you happy, than do it!

Best reasons why travels are good investment into your child

1. Seeing the world through kid’s eyes

Our baby boy has been teaching us so much during all our travels. He showed us all the little things, which make life beautiful and interesting. We forgot how curious we once were and were reminded how we started to take things for granted.

2. Spending quality time with your children

Sure, you can also spend quality time with your child at home, but being together 24 hours per day, without any outside factors like TV and mobile phones, you really have the best time for bonding as a family.

3. Imagination has no limit

Even though you try not to buy all kind of toys and games to your child, the room can easily become full of them. When being on the road, you have a strict limitation with luggage and you cannot really pack numerous toys with you. And that is the time you have to plugged-in your imagination and start improvising. You don’t need long, to realize the nature is actually the best playground you can give to your child. Not to mention you also help them to start using their own imagination to amuse themselves.

4. Life is not just a fairytale story

When we talk about real traveling, far away from resort, your child will also see the real life in different countries. He/she will be learning about the “taboo” themes, we normally avoid at home – poverty, sickness, death, hunger… Well, these are not very common and easy themes for your child, but if you introduce and explain them on the right way, they will become more sensitive and not concentrated only on themselves.

5. Crushing boarders and fears

How many kids, you know, are afraid or feeling strange, when seeing people who have different skin tone, dress differently, are handicapped or pray to different God than you? Many things can be learned from books, but only seeing and dealing with the differences in person really makes them crushing boarders and fears in their heads. Having the right guidance and explanations, your child will grow into a person, who will not see others being different to them.

6. Building self-confident

It is said that children imitate our behaviors and if we organize our own travels, without any travel agencies, where lots of organization, improvising, self-confident, communication, respect, curiosity is needed, than your child has an excellent example.

7. Making unforgettable memories

Your child might not really have any memories on his/her first travels, but you will! When looking back, you will have loads of unforgettable memories about your kids, which will you be able to share with them. And also when you’ll be long gone, your children will always remember all the experiences they did with you.

8. Not all can be taught from school books

Each travel has been teaching me so many things. No matter how much I travel, I always grow as a person. And now ask yourself, how this learning process affects your child, who can soak up knowledge like a sponge. With the right attitude towards traveling and the world, we can give them so much more than the best books, schools or documentary movies.

Some parents stop living when they get a baby… some are taking them hiking, do sport with them or they just lie on their sofas and watch TV…. But some travel. No matter what your lifestyle is – ignore what people say and do what your heart tells you and what makes you happy. And if you ask me, “spending” money for traveling is really the best possible investment you can give to your child.