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You might be asking yourself, why travel blogging is so popular and why there are so many travel bloggers all around the world. There are lots of reasons and I guess everyone has their own. Let us explain our best six reasons, why we have started to write it ourselves.

1. Online diary

It all started about three years ago, when we decided to write a travel blog in Slovenian language (our mother tongue), just to write notes from our travels. We were not writing a travel blog continuously, but only when we were traveling, meaning few times per year. About a year ago, we have decided to write a travel blog more serious. If you are asking why, the major reason is because of our readers, as they are increasing in number each month.

2. Friends and family

During traveling our family and friends were always eager to know, what has been happening to us on the road. Travel blogging was the easiest thing to do for staying in touch. The free WI-FI almost everywhere, makes travel blogging the cheapest option to post stories and photos on the road. Not to mention, we did not need to write separate e-mails to everyone.

3. Readers

We did never think that our stories will be read by anyone, but exactly this was happening. We now get new readers every month and that is why our blog posts have been also written for them. We try to give our readers useful travel tips and information, which they can use when traveling themselves.

4. Knowledge

We are no expert in computer science and when we started to write this travel blog, we had no clue about anything. Everything we know about internet and web pages now, is because of the travel blog. And who knows when this knowledge could help us with something else, not just blogging.

5. New Acquaintances

Travel blogging is really something virtual, but even though; we have met so many new people just because of it. Some of them even became our good friends. I guess great minds think alike.

6. Earnings

We’ve been blogging for about a year intensively and we would be lying if we would not want to earn some money with it in the future. After all, traveling does cost money and it would be awesome to be able to pay for them just because we blog about them. We know money will not come over night and we are well aware we’ll need to put a lot of effort, time and energy into this, but nothing is impossible.

As said before, there are different reasons to start writing a travel blog, but one thing is certain. If you will start blogging just because of the money, you have chosen a wrong reason. Earning with blogging is of course possible, but if you want to do it right, start writing blog because you want to make memories and you like writing. The money will reach you eventually, if you’ll be persisting, professional and will be passionate about what you do.