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The last two years were a bit crazy because of traveling. We are not complaining, not at all! In fact we hope that this trend will continue in upcoming years, but having a 9-5 jobs and writing a blog in the afternoons takes its tax.

We are not just running out with holidays at work; we are also lacking with energy for a real new adventure, especially as we are leaving to Germany with the German National Tourism Board in the middle of August and we don’t want to be completely burned out. We will be exploring Frankfurt intensively, including two traditional festivals, so it is time to take some rest before it!

After a talk with Simon, we both agreed that we should spend our summer break somewhere with beaches. After 30 years of traveling (I am traveling from the age of 3), we are going on real summer holidays.

Don’t get us wrong, we will still be exploring new places, but everything will be less intense. We are doing a slow overland travel to Greece from Slovenia. I know, that does not sound like holidays for many, especially as we will still be sleeping in our car and we will still try to do some off-roading. But a part of that, beaches will be within reach, what means holidays!

We traveled overland to Greece from Slovenia 2 years ago, but we have not visited any islands then and that is why we have decided to spend 6 days at Lefkada island. The Lefkada Island was chosen because it is small and there is less to do, than on any bigger island. In other words, this is perfect for relaxation and time for reading a good book or two. But on the other hand, the Lefkada Island is still a place with beautiful areas worth exploring, including lots of off-road paths. Perfect for our restless souls and 4×4.

lefkada island greece, lefkas island, lefkas greece, lefkada island

Overland travel to Lefkada island Greece will be a relaxed adventure

When we told our friends, that we are not really traveling for real this summer, they were all a bit surprised, asking us if we can even do something like this. Honestly told, we are asking these ourselves too, as we have not been on holidays for ages. We are a bit curious if we even know how this goes. But on the other hand, if we feel bored, we can still do what we do best – explore and have fun during it, what is actually the most important thing.

Whatever we will be doing, it will be interesting and fun for sure, so stay tuned for the updates. Happy summer holidays to you too! 🙂