Guadeloupe, Caribbean, Air France

I guess everyone’s secret wish is to try the long-haul flight in business or even in first class once in a life-time. I must admit, I am always hoping for an upgrade too.

Well, unfortunately this will not be a blog post about these kind of luxurious flight. The luxury I am talking bout will be mostly understood by parents who did fly with their children before they were 2 years old. Our flight from Slovenia, via Paris to and from the French island of Guadeloupe, which was in collaboration with Air France, was our very first flight, after Ren celebrated his second birthday and was officially big enough to have his own seat.

When you once flown, holding your child in your arms for hours (in our case 6 hours for New York City and 13 hours for Cancun), a very own child seat becomes almost more luxurious than flying in business or first class.

Having your own table where you can eat your meal in peace, without worrying how will your pants and T-shirt look after it, is priceless. Not to mention that having your own seat gives you the freedom to stand up or just cross your legs wherever needed. You can somehow get by, when your child is awake, but when he/she falls asleep is another story.

A big bonus when your children have their own seats is the fact, that the whole flying experiences becomes a true adventure for them. They also get their special child menu meal during the flight. Not to mention you can see them in their eyes, how proud they are, being so big.

Nevertheless, I must admit that I would still not mind an upgrade when flying, but the whole flying experience became much easier when Ren got his own seat, so Simon and I were both thrilled about it – well, there is just one disadvantage – these kinds of traveling becomes a bit more expensive, as you need to pay for one more ticket.

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