Tbilisi in one day, one day in Tbilisi

We actually did not explore Tbilisi in one day only, as we were there three days. But because it was super-hot during our stay (40°C), we were out of the room only in the early morning and evening. That is why we can say we had just one day in Tbilisi and its tourist attractions.

What to see in Tbilisi in one day

Kartlis Deda (Mother Georgia)

You will notice this 20 meters high statue from afar. It represents Mother Georgia, welcoming travellers in Tbilisi – she hold a bowl of wine in one hand as a welcome sign, but just in case, she has a sword in the other one too, so ypu should visit Georgia with honest intentions. 🙂

Tbilisi in one day

Old town with the Mother Georgia (Tbilisi in one day, Georgia)

Nari Khala fortress

Not far away from the Mother Georgia is also the Nari Khala city fortress, which once was a Persian fort. Today’s look is from 16-17th century.

Tbilisi in one day

City fortress (Tbilisi in one day, Georgia)

City baths (Abanotubani)

Exploring Tbilisi in one day, you will be tight with time to actually try the old baths yourself, but just a walk on their rooftops is something you should do. These baths are actually the oldest part of Tbilisi.

Tbilisi in one day

Hamam – old city baths (Tbilisi in one day, Georgia)

Botanical garden

If you will be visiting Tbilisi during summer, you might want to escape the heat and Botanical garden is perfect for that. If traveling with kids, there are also some play areas for them. But otherwise, don’t expect too much from it.

Cable-car in Tbilisi

Exploring Tbilisi in one day, you might want to see as much as possible. A great option to see its panoramic views is taking the cable-car ride, which will take you up to the Mother Georgia and Nari Khala fortress. Just note, the cable car is considered as a local transportation, so you will first need to have the Tbilisi pre-paid transportation card.

Tbilisi in one day

Cable car for panoramic views (Tbilisi in one day, Georgia)

The Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi

If you are looking for one of the most popular Tbilisi tourist attractions, this is it. If nothing else, you should not miss a walk over it even though you are in Tbilisi for one day only. It is spectacular by day and by night, when the LED lights turn the glass construction in a magical place.

Tbilisi in one day

The Bridge of Peace (Tbilisi in one day, Georgia)

The President Palace in Tbilisi

You will recognize the President Palace from its glass dome, which was constructed by the same architect than the Bridge of Peace. Having only one day in Tbilisi, you might want to see it only from a distance.

Tbilisi in one day

The President Palace (Tbilisi in one day, Georgia)

Churches in Tbilisi

Tbilisi has many churches, but when you are here for one day only, just visit one or two. We would recommend you to stop at the city cathedral Sameba (St. Trinity church). It was built in 2003 and with that, it has still been the largest church in Georgia. We were able to visit it in the evening and in the morning and we are still having difficulties, which time we like best.

Tbilisi in one day

The cathedral by night (Tbilisi in one day, Georgia)

The second church you will want to visit is close to the old town and is now mainly popular for wedding ceremonies among locals. Remember the name Metekhi church, which stands above the Mtkvari River and was once used as a gunpowder warehouse.

Tbilisi in one day

The Metheki church (Tbilisi in one day, Georgia)

Cafes and restaurants in Tbilisi

The old town has full of cafes, restaurants and night clubs. No matter if you will explore Tbilisi in one day only, make sure to stop at one and watch the life goes by. The area is lively, especially in the evenings.

Tbilisi in one day

Cafes in the old town (Tbilisi in one day, Georgia)

Tbilisi in one day

Traditional old houses in Tbilisi (Tbilisi in one day, Georgia)

Traditional bakeries in Tbilisi

Exploring Tbilisi, you will for sure pass a local bakery, where traditional flat bread puri is being made. Stop in one and admire the old way of making bread. Oh and taste it as well, as it is really good, especially warm.

Tbilisi in one day

A sneak peek into the local bakery (Tbilisi in one day, Georgia)

Tbilisi accommodations

Sure, you can see Tbilisi in one day, but if you can, spend at least one night here – you won’t have any regrets. There are many accommodations available for all budgets, but we have decided to stay at the family owned guest house Georgian House. It is not right in the city center, but the old town can easily be reached by foot in around 15 minutes. The Georgian House is actually just few minutes away from the magnificent St. Trinity church – in fact, we could see it from our room’s window. Its location might not be in the old town, but it was just steps away from local market, grocery stores and kebab fast food joint, where we ate the best kebab ever! Don’t miss it and you will realize why this place is always so crowded. Oh and the breakfast served in Georgian House is not bad either.


Tbilisi in one day can be done, but if you have the time to spend a day or two more, we would highly recommend it. Tbilisi is also a good base for day trips around different parts of Georgia, and that is why most visitors don’t explore Tbilisi in one day only.

*If you are traveling with toddlers, who still need a stroller, we would advise you to have a baby carrier instead. The old town is full of steps and steep narrow streets.