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I know you are curious, but afraid to ask. We will not be going into details, but here follow some of the basic answers to your questions about our intimate life during our long-term overland travel.

I guess if we would be sleeping in a hotel room every day, this will not even be a question. Being showered, having Ren in his own bed and enjoying fresh white bed sheets. But how about making your 190×140 cm car-bed into your complete home?

Well, to be honest, there’s not much action going on… How could it be, if we are without showering for a week, two weeks…

To top it all off, here is also Ren, sharing our car bed. He is such an active little munchkin that he is sleeping between us, just to avoid bumps during his sleep.

And so our sex life is poor at the moment and mostly happening when we are based in a hotel room, where there’s shower, clean white bed sheets and with much more space for some action. So know you know – we are not booking a hotel room only because of showering and fresh bed sheets. 🙂