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It truly does sound funny, but the title is not too far from the truth. We are flying to Malta from Treviso, Italy for less than going on a pizza. Our return flights cost only 7,84 EUR – and that’s the price for both of us!

I guess, you don’t need any other reason for flying to Malta, when you get such cheap flights. Honestly, as soon as we saw them, we bought them without even knowing what Malta is all about.

Malta is mostly visited from April to October – it is best known as a perfect summer destination. But we are sure that Malta offers something for everyone coming off season too. If nothing else, Malta is a nice getaway from winter temperatures below zero, which we are having here in Europe. After all, just last week Malta was sunny with 18°C.

We’ve been slowly making our Malta travel itinerary and it looks like we will be extremely busy with exploring. Malta is a small Mediterranean island country, but it sure offers a lot to do and see. We will be exploring Malta as a roadtrip. Renting a car in Malta is cheap – we paid only 55€ for 6 days and that’s with full insurance.

Well, but we will not only explore Malta, but will work a bit too. During our stay in Malta, we will also collaborate with a beautiful boutique hotel Valentina.

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