Ever since the flights to Valencia were bought, we could not wait for our departure. A trip to Valencia was planned for our little traveler, 13 months old baby boy, as Valencia is known as a great family destination. Ren would be flying for the first time as well and visiting Spain, he would visit his 10th country already.

But today, on our departure day, I have mixed fillings – I am happy I am finally going somewhere again, but on the other hand I am sad as we are leaving Ren behind.

Just 3 weeks ago we came from a hospital as Ren had sever bronchiolitis, RSV+ virus and pneumonia and we were advised not to take him with us. Airplanes, hotels, airports and all other closed areas should be avoid due to other viruses, he might caught as he now has low immune system. His lungs will need 6-8 weeks to fully recover.

When we already decided to canceled everything up, my mum volunteer to babysit him during the trip. A week in a hospital with Ren really got us down, so my mum wanted us to take time for us two, to talk, cuddle, to be romantic and to get a bit of rest and sleep. I feel so grateful for that and for my mum.

And so we are still visiting Valencia, but instead of a planned family trip, we are having a romantic getaway for two. We are thrilled to be exploring Valencia, be able to go out at evenings for a glass of wine or sangria, to try some tapas… and I know it sounds funny, but we cannot wait to finally get some long night sleep as well.