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Everyone who is interested in UAE travel, check out some useful traveltips, to help you with planning your UAE adventure.

UAE travel guide

  • Cheap flights to UAE

If you are based in Europe and have a bit of luck, you can get return flights already for around 200-300 EUR. Check Wizzair, Fly Dubai, Emirates or Etihad/Air Serbia, as they often give good promotional prices.

  • Tourist visa for UAE

Lots of nationalities don’t need any tourist visa for traveling to UAE. Check if you need one before traveling to UAE.

  • Transport around UAE

Every country has some public transport and UAE is no different. But if you really want to experience UAE and have fun while doing it, make sure to do it as a self-drive. You can rent a car cheaply at Having your own car is also practical to explore Dubai. Another great way to explore Dubai is with its city metro – cheap, comfortable and practical.

  • Accommodations in UAE

It might look like UAE has expensive accommodations, but you can already get a really nice, modern looking double room for around 60-80 EUR/night. Hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are cheaper from the rest of the country due to harsh competition, so be prepared to pay more for accommodations outside of these two cities. But on the other hand, you can also decide for a completely free accommodation and pitching yourself a tent somewhere in the wilderness. Check hotels in UAE here.

  • Food in UAE

Traveling around UAE is often made as luxury travel so you do have lots of upscale restaurants, which might not be perfect for your budget. If you are tight with your budget, just eat in small Indian restaurants, which foreign workers use or go to a shopping mall and order some fast food menu. You can also get take-away food in some grocery shops, which is good and cheap.

  • Bargaining in UAE

Being in the Middle East bargaining is a must if shopping at local markets. To learn how to bargain and for how much, check out tips here.

  • Best UAE tourist attractions

Most of the people we know visit only Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but UAE offers so much more! We loved the fact that even such a modern and luxury oriented country can offer authentic and tradition. See here for best UAE tourist attractions.

  • Women travelers in UAE

Dubai and Abu Dhabi feels like being in a Western country, so there is no real dress code. Well, but if you want to show a little respect towards tradition and local way of life, make sure not to wander around half naked. Leaving Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we would recommend you to have a normal T-shirt (sometimes long sleeves) and ¾ trousers or skirt over your knees.

  • Safety in UAE

Lots of people are afraid of visiting Arab countries due to recent events in the world, but traveling to UAE is completely safe. We have met extremely kind people on our travel – read our stories here and here.

  • Communication language in UAE

UAE has lots of foreign workers and English is widely spoken by everyone, at least in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A little bit further out not everyone speak English, but don’t worry – there is always someone around who does speak fairly good English.

  • Best time for UAE travel

UAE has two distinctively seasons, so the best time is to come somewhere from November to March, when the temperatures are pleasant. Traveling to UAE from April to October is only for the brave ones or for everyone enjoying indoor spaces and AC. During these months the temperatures can arise to 50°C, what is really not the best time for being away from the air-con.

We enjoyed UAE travel a lot and have also prepared self-drive UAE travel itinerary, including coordinates of all tourist attractions and stops on our way. You can also check our list of best UAE tourist attractions and how to do UAE travel on a budget. If you are only interested in traveling to Dubai and want to do it on a budget, make sure to check 5 tips on how to do it here.