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One of the most visited Italian region is Tuscany. Honestly told, I was never sure, why Tuscany is so popular, but then I visited it by myself and I felt in love with it immediately!

For everyone who are planning to visit Tuscany, I have prepared a short, but practical Tuscany travel guide, where you can read more about how to travel around Tuscany, where to stay, what to eat, how much are living expenses there and what are the TOP things to see.

Tuscany travel guide and travel tips

Tuscany transportation

Italy has lots of transportation possibilities. You can travel around by a bus, train or rented car, but for Tuscany I would definitely choose the last option. Having your own car in Tuscany is the best option, because Tuscany has so many beautiful small towns, villages and sceneries, that you will really want to stop everywhere possible! Tuscany does not only happen in Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, but to explore and see the real Tuscany, you have to stop in between.

Accommodation in Tuscany

Due to many tourists, which visit Tuscany all year long (most crowded is from May to September), there are lots of possibilities, where you can stay. You can choose from a luxury villa in the middle of Florence, hotel, budget room or even camping. Traveling around Tuscany does not mean you cannot do it luxury or on a budget – everything depends on you!

Tuscany food

Not just Tuscany region, but all Italy has AMAZING food! I don’t know about you, but I love pasta, so Tuscany is an absolute paradise for me and everyone likeminded. Even if you are traveling around Tuscany on a very tight budget, treat yourself with a three course menu (15,00 – 20,00 EUR/pp) and get to know the real Italian passion. Eat slowly and enjoy! Don’t forget about pizza. You can eat the whole thing for about 10 EUR or just one slice (1,50 – 3,00 EUR). A must try is of course gelato (ice-cream), which will costs you from 1,00 – 6,00 EUR and remember to taste delicious bruschetta (4,00 – 6,00 EUR / 2 pcs).

Things to do in Tuscany

Everything you need or you are looking for, Tuscany has it all – from interesting night life to relaxing countryside. You can ride your bike around the golden Tuscany hills or swim on the roof-top swimming pool in the middle of Florence. Tuscany is full of small and charming medieval towns, world’s famous museums and historically important buildings. For my TOP things to do in Tuscany click here.

Entrance fees / tickets / parking

Il Duomo in Florence (8 EUR/pp), Tower near Il Duomo in Florence (6 EUR/pp), the leaning tower in Pisa (18 EUR/pp), Siena tower (8 EUR/pp). If you know how to look, there are many free parking spaces in all the cities (Pisa – near the Field of Miracles, Florence – at Piazzelle Michelangelo, Siena – along the medieval wall). Otherwise the parking costs about 2 ER/per hour.

Things to do in Tuscany, where to stay in Tuscany,, things to do in Florence, Tuscany travel guide

The Field of Miracles in Pisa, Tuscany

Tuscany is definitely worth your time and exploration and you don’t really need to spend loads of money, to get to know it. The most beautiful things are often completely free of charge…  Do not postpone your travel and come soon. Feel the medieval atmosphere while walking around old towns, catch the sunshine in the countryside and try to take a photo of the most romantic hills you will ever see. Tuscany is waiting for you…