Turkey with kids, Turkey with a baby

Before we crossed boarders with Turkey, we knew that our little munchkin Ren will brought lots of attention among Turkish people. After all, family is everything to Muslims.

We did not need long to see, what a charmer is Ren. The cold custom officer put a shine on himself as soon as he saw Ren. The check-up of our car ended quickly and before we realized, we were greeted in warm Turkish language and on the road again.

No matter where we stop, Ren always gets lots of attention. It does not really matter if it is just a smile, a wave or few kind words, this is something completely normal.

The veggies vendor was so impressed over his strenght (he is a good eater) that he immediately gave us few pieces of fruit free of charge.

When we stopped for camping and took Ren out of the car, we were surrounded by two women in a heart bit. Holding his hands, waving, touching his cheeks… And Ren just stare at them with his big blue eyes.

We can be in a grocery shop, at the bazaar, drinking tea or just having picnic outside, Ren is the star. Who would ever thought that buying a Turkish SIM card would turn into time-out from work for all the employees at the store. As soon as we came in through the door, everyone were around Ren – talking with him, smiling, clapping hands, touching his cheeks, doing selphies, giving him kisses….

When we did not found a place for our wilderness camping we just ask a local restaurant if we can use their parking spot. The owner was so charmed about Ren, she could not say no. She even took Ren in her arms and did a walk around the place, while we were drinking tea. When we were preparing our car-bed to sleep, she brought us home-made cake and few juices. Another one of a kind experiences we will never forget.

Turkey with kids, Turkey with a baby

Simon and I are just looking at each other and smiling, as this is something we really did not expect. If all these has been happening in few days only, we sure are curious how many stories we will have after one whole month of traveling around the country.