traveling with a baby, baby traveling, baby travel blog

Ever since we started our overland travel, we have been getting questions about Ren and how does he cope with (almost) every day drive and how much time we actually spend in the car.

To be honest, we spent around 15-16 hours per day in the car. But before you think we are completely mad, let me also remind you, that our car is our home and we also use it for sleeping.

traveling with a baby, baby traveling, baby travel blog

When I will grow up, I will be… (Traveling with a baby)

But in general we spend around 5 hours per day moving around. Some days a bit more, some days a bit less. We make short (30 minutes) stops lots of times – for eating, for changing diapers and one longer stop, about 2 hours, for lunch, which we also use for playing, singing and fooling around. But there are also days we don’t do any exploration and just enjoying ourselves outside.

To our surprise, Ren has not been complaining about being in the car and so far he enjoys driving around. He is not the typical baby, who sleeps immediately when the engine starts running, as he only sleeps during “his” hours.

traveling with a baby, baby traveling, baby travel blog

Our stops (Traveling with a baby)

When he is not sleeping, he enjoys playing, listening to songs, chatting to himself or with his toys. And looking back at our first days on the road, he’s getting better and better in amusing himself.

The only problem we are dealing with so far is his night sleep. He was use to sleeping in his own room and his own bed at home, but now, we are sleeping in our car-bed together. Due to short and cold days on the road, we are often going in the car together with him and instead of sleeping, he thinks it is time to play. Sometimes we need an hour to calm him down, so he can finally get some sleep.

traveling with a baby, baby traveling, baby travel blog

Waiting for lunch to be cooked (Traveling with a baby)

Honestly, the only thing and question which we are dealing with now is about his sleep when being back home, as he is now use to having us around. All the rest is better than we have ever hopped for.

If you are curious what kind of car-seat we use for Ren – it is the Primo Viaggio SL from Peg Perego.

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