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As soon as we came home from Malta, we already got few questions about expenses for our Malta travel. Instead of writing separate answers, we have decided to write a blog post about how much a quick getaway to Malta will cost you if two persons are traveling together.

How to do Malta on a budget?

  • Cheap flights (40€/pp)

If you are based in Europe, you are lucky, as you can get a return flight ticket to Malta for as little as 30-40€ (Check Ryanair). We are even luckier and paid less than 4 Euros for a return flight per person. But let’s be real and take the most common cost for a return flight, which is 40€/pp.

  • Transportation around Malta (21€/pp)

Malta can be easily explored with its local buses, which will also pass all the major tourist attractions. Your best way is to buy a 7 day bus ticket, which costs only 21€.

  • Renting a car in Malta and fuel cost (45,00€/pp)

If you are like us, you will not explore Malta by bus, but you will want to do a roadtrip around it. Renting a car in Malta can be extremely cheap – we paid only 55€ for 5 days. If you are traveling to Malta off season you will also have no problem with free parking. We drove around 350 kilometers and spend about 35€ for gas.

  • Hotels in Malta (50€/pp)

You can find the cheapest hotels in Malta off-season, meaning your cost can go down to only 20€/night in a double room. Even to a cheap price, these hotels can also be found in the most popular area Sliema and all have good marks (at least 7 /10 grade on booking). But if you can splurge a little, we loved staying in beautiful boutique hotel Valentina in St. Julians.

  • Food and drink in Malta (75€/pp)

If you are coming from Central or Northern Europe, you will find Malta reasonably priced. Being from Slovenia, Malta was a bit more expensive for us, but our budget for both was around 30€/day. In this amount one meal in a restaurant is included, coffee, some snack, a glass of local wine… We could do it for less, but in our opinion you cannot really explore the country if you don’t taste it.

  • Entrance fees (7,80€/pp or 46,80€/pp)

We have visited three tourist attractions in Malta with entrance fees – the unique underground temple Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, which is under UNESCO world heritage protection (30€/pp), St. Paul’s Catacombs  (5€/pp) and megalithic temple Ggantija on Gozo Island, also on the UNESCO world heritage protection list. If we can be totally honest, we were most impressed over St. Paul’s Catacombs and we think if you are not really keen of history, seeing the catacombs will be all you need. A nice thing to do when in Malta is a ferry ride from Valetta to Sliema and back, which offers beautiful views and costs 2,80€/pp for return. The rest tourist attractions in Malta (excluding museums) are free of charge, as Malta is known well for its natural beauties and cute little towns.

  • Transport from and to Gozo (4,70€/pp)

If you want to visit the smaller island of Gozo, you will need to reach it by ferry. The costs for 2 adults and a car was only 9,40€ and that is for the return ticket.

Our Malta travel was really done on a budget and even though we did experience a lot and ate well, it still was cheap. If you really want to travel to Malta on a budget, make sure to visit it off-season. To top it off, having less tourists than during pick season, was exactly what we were hoping for.

Traveling to Malta on a budget – video