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It is less than a day until departure to our next travel, but we are acting like we have few months left at least. Just yesterday, we only had flights booked. Finally we have taken care for accommodation and rented car too.

Today in the afternoon (just few hours before departure) we should be doing a rough itinerary. But to be honest, I don’t think we will even make it.

I am not sure, if we are a bit mad or are we traveling so often lately, that we don’t really stress out for this anymore. I guess we can blame the internet, as we can easily find all the needed information when we reach our final destination.

But to be honest, sometimes not knowing where you are traveling makes the best travel. You reach a destination without any hopes, plans and expectations.

Nevertheless, due to our 9-5 jobs, we are often handicapped with getting holidays and it was no different this time. We only got 6 days off (and that includes public holidays and weekend) and we had to choose smart. We wanted something close, not too expensive, but still a bit exotic and that is why we have decided to visit Portuguese island Madeira – known as pearl of Atlantic.

We have heard nothing but good things about Madeira and 6 days should be enough to get to know this small island. Madeira is small, but still big enough for every day explorations.

As already mentioned, we are without any itinerary yet…  Also our luggage needs to be prepared, but that should not take us more than few minutes. Even though we are not really prepared for this new adventure, we don’t really stress out about it. If you are curious how this travel to Madeira will go, stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And when we are back, we’ll write all about it on the blog as well.