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I was trying to figure it out, when I was in Central America and if my memory is correct, it has been almost a decade. I know, I am that old, but ever since I visited Guatemala with two of my friends, backpacking around, I wanted to go back.

I did plan to be back in Central America sooner, but so many things have happened, so many other travels, destinations and memories. But here I am, embarking the plane as we speak.

Central America is huge and if our toddler Ren (almost 2 years old now) did teach me something, is to take it easy. That is why we have decided to only travel to Yucatan and make the best from it for a bit less than 3 weeks.

We are flying into Cancun, renting a car and slowly exploring the Yucatan and its best sights.

The main goal to be traveling around Yucatan is actually our son Ren. Last winter he had a tough time, dealing with numerous bronchiolitis, ending up in hospital and on oxygen, so we got a recommendation to try some warmer destination, where he can swim in the sea and get some vitamin D. I sure hope the trip will help him to overcome the winter easier and with a better health.

Nevertheless, the plan is more or less done and it sure looks that Yucatan is much more than a perfect holiday getaway.

If you are interested in our exploration, what we will do and how is travelling with a toddler during his potty training, stay tuned. We will be posting live on the blog, our Facebook channel and Instagram profile.