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The year is coming to an end and it is time to look back on the things we did and wondering about the future – about all the plans, which have not been done (yet).

To be honest, I often look back on my life and having doubts about my path. Am I doing it right? Would it be better to forget about my dreams and just took the easier and more stable path? Spending every single cent to keep my soul happy is extremely tough and unsecure most of the times…

Looking back can either be good or bad – sometimes I get full of new motivation and courage to keep up the work I am doing, but lots of times, I get doubts about everything I have done. Luckily at the end, I can always be sure that travels give me the strength and courage, for which I have not even expect to have.

It might sound strange, but travels to me are some sort of oasis of peace. I can always clear my thoughts when traveling, even though it might look, I am more lost due to the new experiences. Maybe that is exactly what I need – some kind of chaos, to find my kind of peace. Whenever I travel I realize how many new, different and unbelievable things surrounds me and how much I still have to learn about myself.

And that is exactly why I enjoy traveling so much – travels are the best teacher you can get in life, if you just let them. The world offers us unlimited secrets and numerous scary possibilities, perfect to learn more about yourself and others. We truly can be so grateful to have the possibility to travel and as soon as we stop taking travels for granted, we immediately become humble, real and extremely rich in our minds and heart.

Blogging is still our way of reflecting to our experiences and memories on everything we learned, but the fact, that we get more and more readers, who enjoy learning from our experiences and see the world differently because of our thoughts, even deciding to follow our itineraries and travel tips, make me extremely grateful.

It might sounds strange, but I believe that I have found my life mission just because of blogging – being able to spread the travel spirit and wanderlust among all of you makes me so fulfilled.

Thank you for all your support, your questions, critics, feedbacks, photos and notes from your travels, updates to my older posts, new ideas, wishes… I have always said that a smile opens people hearts and the fact that our travels and travel experiences open your hearts for us, always leave me speechless.

Happy traveling everyone – let your travels be filled with inspiring lessons, which leave your hearts open, grateful, modest and ready for more.