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Everyone faces different stages in life. We are growing when overcoming them, what sometimes is not easy. Sometimes we can plan and work years for these challenges, but sometimes they can just step into our lives unexpectedly.

So, what do we even want to tell you? No need to worry, we are not saying goodbye to blogging, in fact; we believe this new step in our lives will enrich our travels. Simon and I will become parents in few months, what will give us a total new perspective on traveling and the lifestyle we are living. We are thrilled about getting a new family member, but bits curious too, how we will cope with work, travels, blogging and the new joy.

Even though we are announcing this big news only now, our »secret passenger« was with us on several trips already. We were already three, when exploring Madeira, Milan, Grossglockner, Croatia and done different trips around Slovenia.

Tomorrow we are doing another adventure together – a 3 weeks long roadtrip from Slovenia to Germany, Belgium and Holland. You are already used of following our »live« blog posts and photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, what will be no different this time. And when we are back home, we will also open a new topic on the blog, which will cover different tips on traveling during pregnancy and later on we will of course write also tips for traveling with a baby. Oh yes, lots will be happening in our lives this upcoming months and we are super excited of this new era – after all we were waiting for this little pumpkin for more than 4 years. 🙂