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If you know me well, you already found out that I get so comfortable with certain products, that I have them with me or wear them all the time – traveling or not… The only thing that matters is the fact that the products are very practical, universal and for that also very dear to me.

Simon and I own some Fjällräven items at home, which we both like to use a lot. But there is one certain item, which I like best and that’s the Kånken travel wallet.

Kånken travel wallet review

The Kånken travel wallet is so practical that I use it all the time and I can easily say it is one of the best travel wallets for women or/and men.

It has a big compartment for bank notes and separate zipper pocket for coins. There is space for credit cards and a special fleeced-lined pocket for your mobile phone. The travel wallet is so big, I can save inside all three passports, which we need when traveling as a family. There’s even an outside open pocket where you can put boarding passes and having them available without opening the complete wallet all over again.

The Kånken travel wallet is made out of durable waxed and ecological material G-1000 Heavy duty, what makes the travel wallet water resistant. The wallet is being closed with strong zipper, so it is perfect for adventurous souls, who need something durable and usable on a long term.

What I like best is that the Kånken travel wallet is very functional because of its volume. If you compare it to other wallets, the size is almost like the classical women wallets, you can put everything you need inside of it. I often use just the wallet when meeting with friends and leave my bag at home. I don’t just have my money and credit cards inside, but also my mobile phone, my car and apartment keys, a lip-gloss and few hankies too. Everything I need.

Well, the price of the Kånken travel wallet is not on a cheap side, but you don’t just buy a quality wallet, which you’ll be using for years to come. With buying the Kånken travel wallet you also supportthe philosophy and vision of the Fjällräven company – being nature responsible due to the fact you buy a product which is functional, long-lasting and practical at home or on the way.

The main vision of the Fjällräven company is being environmentally friendly. Many Fjällräven items are made out of organic or recycled materials. The company also works as a fair-trade, meaning they only work with companies who have good working conditions for their employees. When designing a new product, they try to have in mind it is universal and always trendy, so you don’t change it because it is out of fashion, but you really use it on a long-run, especially because all the materials used on their products are long-lasting, what affect environment less than items, you are changing every six months.

The Swedish company Fjällräven has been present on the market ever since 1960, starting with camping/outdoor equipment and hiking clothes, upgraded later on to school bags, which will not cause broken backs and pain to children, carrying heavy books to and from school. Recent years the Kånken backpacks, together with their outdoor equipment and clothes are becoming very trendy all around the world.

If you have a friend or family, keen on traveling and wondering what would be a good travel gift, you cannot miss with the Kånken travel wallet for sure – they are available in 8 different colors and are perfect for both genders.