It has been a while since I was thinking so much about the future, which has almost nothing to do with our travel plans and blogging.

For the last month I was hardly seen online. There is just no real energy and strong feelings, which travels are full of. Unfortunately that is also the reasons for my silence – there is just no real flow to write. After all, I want to keep making travel content and I sure don’t want to become something I am not, just because I would need to be posting something. But because of all the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, traveling freely is, mildly said, a true challenge these days and due to all these limitations, I lost a piece of me in all of these too. But instead of whining and waiting for better times, I roll up my sleeves and put all my time and effort in work, family and thinking on how to even continue my path.

Traveling, being such a big part of me, I cannot wait for the normal times, when planning just meant counting down the days until the next adventure. Dreaming about faraway places, where the scenic countryside amazed you with every step you made, where you are overwhelmed with people and food, which can sometimes be an interesting surprise too.

But what can we look forward to this year? If we are totally honest, that’s probably a million dollar question, which many of us are asking. But to be fair, I think I will already be happy to be able to do some road trips around Europe without all the restrictions we are facing now. If I am truly optimistic, I would love spending the next winter somewhere warm, but I think I am pushing it with this a bit.

Sure, I could still travel to the other side of the world, but it is not really tempting to me, as things change every day and instead of enjoying the trip, I would probably be worrying if I will be able to come home normally. Currently a road trip with our Toyota Land Cruiser, in which we have a bad and a kitchen, sure sounds much more convenient.

But it might finally be the time to tick of some of the destinations, we have been planning to do and there was never the right time. We have been talking about visiting Serbia and Scandinavia for ages. I think a trip to Germany is inevitable too, especially due to its great theme parks, which Ren really enjoys. I sure would not mind traveling overland to Morocco or Turkey, but in this situation we are now, this sounds like a science fiction. But let’s wait and see what surprises will come our way this year.

Whatever will come our way, travel related of course, you will be able to read on our blog and follow our adventures on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube too. As much as the time is hard for all of us vagabonds, I wish all of you many optimism, which I must admit, I have a hard time dealing with myself these days either. But like it is said – bad starting, good ending and if that is true, we will be closing this year in a bang.