New year resolutions, plans, dreams. New year is always full of plans for everyone and it is no different with us. Being a family, in love with traveling, our plans are mostly travel oriented.

If we had all kind of travel plans every year, I must admit that this year we almost are without any. The reason is not that we would rather stay home, but the fact, that professional travel blogging is all about being flexible with different kind of collaborations. In 2018, we did had some of our own plans, but at the end, so many interesting invitations came in between, that we cancelled everything up and spent all our energy and interests in explorations, we have not even planned, but at the end we had so much fun doing them.

Not to mention I would never believe that travel blogging will one day bring me all the way to the national TV show Good Morning (Dobro Jutro), which is very popular in Slovenia. I am now a regular guest there, where I introduce a weekend destination each month. I feel so honored and a bit proud too.

Looking back at the 2018 traveling year, it was extremely active and we for sure were never bored. Spending so much time away from home, it was nice to be a bit lazy during the Christmas-New Year holidays.

But when a travel bug gets you, you cannot stay home for long, so we know that the year 2019 will be full of adventures – with or without collaboration invitations. And if nothing else, we will just go with the flow. Nevertheless, we already know we are leaving to the Caribbean in February as a collab with Air France, to enjoy some sunshine and the sea. For everything else that comes into our lives, stay in touch as we’ll be posting new blog posts and share our travel adventures on our social media too (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter). Oh and of course, we’ll keep striving to give you the best possible travel tips of our visited destinations.