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We were never good at planning, but it seems we got even worse with getting our baby boy Ren. Sometimes we are too short with money to have any big future plans, but sometimes Ren crosses our plans due to illnesses. Luckily we are pretty flexible and we mostly can go with the flow.

The only thing that was certain a week ago was a short trip to Valencia, Spain at the end of January. But Ren came down with pneunemonia and now even this is under a big question. Nevertheless we do have some other wishes for 2018, for which we are hoping to become realistic.

Before the spring, we’d like to go to some warmer place – looking at Asia or Caribbean. At first we wanted to do an overland travel by car from Slovenia to Iran, but it looks my time from work will not allowed that amazing adventure – at least not the whole roundtrip. So maybe Simon will find himself 2 travel buddies for half of the trip and for the other part Ren and I would fly into Iran to switch places with them.

But on the other hand, we did not give up to travel somewhere overland with our 4WD. If all goes according to the plan, we should be traveling to Greece (again) at the end of April. I secretly wish to go to Tunisia, but we will see how this goes.

We will have almost a month off in August so thinking of exploring Iceland or at least some Scandinavian countries. I would not mind going to Mongolia overland either, but I guess this long-time wish, will still not be happening any time soon.

Autumn is another period of the year, we are eager to travel somewhere warm. I want to show Simon and Ren one of my favorite countries – the Philippines. I also have a good friend there, so I hope she and her hubby will finally meet our little munching too.

But like every year so far, it does not really matter how much we plan, we are lucky enough lots of new adventures and travels just keep popping out without even planning them. And if the year 2018 will be half as good as the year 2017, it will be another great travel year, which we cannot wait to happen.