Georgia tourist attraction, Tourist attractions in Georgia

Traveling to Georgia and Armenia is fast becoming popular among adventurous travelers who enjoy nature with ancient history. We have been traveling around Georgia and Armenia in September 2017 by our own car, visiting vast areas in both countries. We decided to share (our) best spots in the following travel itinerary.

The best way is to join exploring both countries together and if you feel comfortable driving in a foreign land, you won’t miss when renting out a car – our recommendation is Economy car rentals. You can also explore Armenia and Georgia by local transport – marshrutkas, which is cheap and effected.

Day 1: Tbilisi

Most people start their travel in Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia and that is why our travel itinerary will start here as well.

Tbilisi Georgia, Tbilisi travel blog, Tbilisi with kids

Tbilisi, Georgia

Check-in in the hotel and take it easy, to adjust to the new culture and city vibes.

Tbilisi Georgia, Tbilisi travel blog, Tbilisi with kids

Tbilisi, Georgia

Hotel recommendation: We stayed at the lovely guest house Georgian House, just underneath the main cathedral. We had 15 minutes on foot to the river and old town. The hotel has great location as it is surrounded by shops, mini farmers market, fast food joints and bakeries. If you’d like to be closer to the old town, check the hotels out here.

Day 2: Tbilisi

Enjoy a full day for wandering around Tbilisi – hike or take the gondola ride to the Nari Khala fort, walk around the steep and picturesque alleys, indulge yourself with the local baths (the oldest part of Tbilisi). Don’t forget to walk over the famous Bridge of Peace and admiring the views from the main cathedral Sameba / St. Trinity. You can read more about Tbilisi tourist attractions here.

Tbilisi Georgia, Tbilisi travel blog, Tbilisi with kids

Tbilisi, Georgia

Day 3: Tbilisi – Gori – Kutaisi

Continue your travel to Kutaisi and stop in the city of Gori – the birth place of Stalin, by visiting his museum.

You should reach Kutaisi in the afternoon, so check out some accommodations here.

Day 4: Kutaisi – Gelati monastery and Prometheus underground cave or Okatse canyon

If you are not tight with schedule and time, we would suggest you to stay one full day in Kutaisi and make a day-trip from there. You can either choose to see the Gelati monastery (under UNESCO) and the Prometheus underground cave or you decide for a new tourist destination in Georgia – Okatse canyon with his »Sky Walk« alike bridge, above the canyon.

Georgia tourist attraction, Tourist attractions in Georgia

Waterfall near Okatse canyon, Georgia

Stay one more night in Kutaisi – hotels here.

Day 5: Kutaisi – Mestia

Start your day early as you’ll have a long day ahead of you. You will reach Mestia in Svaneti after zig-zagging road. The ride will seem long, but it is definitely worth it – Mestia is amazing place to be. A day there is really too little, so plan to stay here at least 2-3 days – depends also what are your interests. The Mestia is great starting point for hiking to glaciers. Check out more about Mestia and Svaneti here.

Svaneti Georgia, Svaneti travel tips, Svaneti tourist attractions

Mestia – Svaneti, Georgia

Look out for accommodation here or if you have a tent with you, there is a camping ground available as well.

Day 6: Mestia – Ushguli

If you already reached Mestia, you cannot turn back without a visit to Ushguli, especially as a better road is being building, what will soon bring more tourists to these unique »forgotten« villages. When we were there the only option was to reach Ushguli on foot or by 4×4 (the 4×4 vans leave each day from the main square in Mestia).

Svaneti Georgia, Svaneti travel tips, Svaneti tourist attractions

Mestia – Svaneti, Georgia

Ushguli will for sure blow you away for its beauties, so do stay at least one night there as well. The best option for an overnight stay are guest houses (check them out here). If you’re bringing a tent, most guest houses will also allow you to pitch a tent in their garden for a minimal fee.

Svaneti Georgia, Svaneti travel tips, Svaneti tourist attractions

Ushguli – Svaneti, Georgia

Day 7: Ushguli – Mestia

After returning to Mestia from Ushguli, enjoy the rest of your day daydreaming, surrounded by this fairy tale landscape.

Georgia travel, Georgia by car, Georgia with kids

Mestia – Svaneti, Georgia

Stay another night in Mestia – accommodations here.

Day 8: Mestia – Kutaisi – Tbilisi

Reaching Tbilisi from Mestia in one day can be a bit harsh, but is possible. There’s one downside of exploring Georgia – you must always return to Tbilisi, when wanting to reach the other side of the country.

Tbilisi Georgia, Tbilisi travel blog, Tbilisi with kids

Tbilisi, Georgia

Spend the rest of the day and night in Tbilisi – hotels here.

Day 9: Tbilisi – Stepantsminda

Another long day, full of zig-zagging – it is time to visit Kazbegi. If you’ll be having your own transport, you will enjoy even more, as there are plenty of gorgeous places to take in the views – one of them is Ananuri castle.

Georgia tourist attraction, Tourist attractions in Georgia

Ananuri castle, Georgia


Stay at least one night in Stepantsminda (check out accommodations here) and take a hike or 4×4 ride to the symbol of Georgia – Gregeti church.

Georgia overland, Georgia by car, Kazbegi Georgia

St. Trinity church in Gergeti, Georgia

If you enjoy nature, relax vibe and hiking, you’ll for sure want to spend few more days there.

Georgia overland, Georgia by car, Kazbegi Georgia

Stepansminda, Georgia

Day 10: Stepantsminda – Tbilisi – Tsinandali

If you like wine, you for sure know that Georgia is known for its special wine – produced in kvevris. If you want to get to know this part of Georgia better, head out to the East of the country. Around Tsinandali town are many wineries – we visited Schuchmann winery, which was bought and took over by a Germany family few years back. It was completely renovated and it really looks amazing. There are wine tasting tours available and you can even spend a night in their boutique hotel, including up-scale restaurant.

Georgia tourist attraction, Tourist attractions in Georgia

Traditional wine production in Kvevris, Georgia

If you really want to enjoy in wines, you should book a room/hotel here. But if you’ll be traveling to the wineries as part of organized tour, you mostly will return back to Tbilisi the very same day.

Day 11: Tsinandali – Tbilisi – Lake Sevan

You will need to start your day very early, if you want to reach the lake Sevan in Armenia before evening – you never know how long will take you on the border crossings.

If you’ll be traveling to Armenia by car, have in mind you’ll need to pay for the insurance (the fee depends on the length of your stay in Armenia). First you have to pay the fee at the bank and with payment confirmation you get approved from the costume clerk. Keep the papers with you as you’ll need to show everything again when leaving the country. With the proper confirmation, you’ll be able to leave the country.

Armenia tourist attractions, best tourist attractions in Armenia

Lake Sevan, Armenia

Stay the night along the Lake Sevan – options here.

Day 12: Lake Sevan – Selim/Vardenyats pass – Khachkar field – Zoratskar observatory – Tatev

Another long day is ahead of you, but you’ll get plenty of beautiful views along the way – not to mention you’ll be traveling on the Silk road. Don’t forget to stop at the caravanserai Selim, just underneath the highest peak of the Selim pass. If you’re keen on history, you might want to stop at the Khachkar field and Zoratskar observatory too. If you don’t feel into it, just continue your way straight to Tatev and its cable-car.

Armenia tourist attractions, best tourist attractions in Armenia

Selim / Vardenyats pass,  Armenia

Find a place to stay in Tatev – options for accommodations here.

Day 13: Tatev – suspension bridge and stone town Khndoresk – Yerevan

Head out to the east and enjoy a walk over the amazing suspension bridge, which takes you to the less visited sight in Armenia – the Khndoresk stone town. This will be your eastern point in Armenia, as you’ll now be driving back to Yerevan.

Armenia travel, travel to Armenia, overland to Armenia, Armenia by car

Suspension bridge to village cave in SE Armenia, Armenia travel

On the way, not far from the main road, there are two monasteries, worth visiting if you are into these things: Noraank and Khov Virap. You can find more information about both of them here.

Armenia tourist attractions, best tourist attractions in Armenia

Noravank monastery, Armenia

But if you are already feed up with the monasteries, just head out straight to Yerevan – the capital of Armenia.

Stay the night in Yerevan – our hotel was Primer Hotel, offering vast rooms, good breakfast and very good price.

Day 14: Yerevan

Some people don’t like visiting the capitals, because it gets a bit chaotic there, but nevertheless, you definitely should stop in Yerevan – and that’s not only because its brandy factory with tasting and its Genocide memorial. You can get more information about tourist attractions in Yerevan here.

Yerevan tourist attractions, Yerevan travel blog

Yerevan, Armenia

Day 15: Yerevan – Geghard monastery – Garni temple

If you are in a mood for a half-day trip from Yerevan, a nice option is visiting the Geghard monastery and ancient Greek-Roman temple of Garni.

Armenia tourist attractions, best tourist attractions in Armenia

Garni Temple, Armenia

Stay another night in Yerevan – hotels here.

Day 16: Yerevan – Vardzia – Tbilisi

Start your day after breakfast and head out to the ArmenianGeorgian border crossing. This western road and border crossing is less popular and that’s why it is also in worse condition. Before reaching Tbilisi, make a loop on the left to see the Vardzia stone-town – very impressive!

Georgia tourist attraction, Tourist attractions in Georgia

Stone town Vardzia, Georgia

If you cannot make it to Tbilisi before evening, you might want to stay another night somewhere near Vardzia.

Day 17: Tbilisi – Home

Enjoy your last day in Tbilisi, before heading home.

Tbilisi Georgia, Tbilisi travel blog, Tbilisi with kids

Cafes in the old town of Tbilisi, Georgia

The above travel itinerary is mostly done for travelers, who decide traveling around Georgia and Armenia by car, as some distances rather take long time – even longer when doing them with local transport. But the fact is, that even if you do have your own transport, this travel itinerary is only a sample one, as you never know how long will you need from one end to another – everything depends of the road condition, traffic and yourself – taking time to enjoy the places. If you’ll be traveling with kids, know, you’ll even need longer due to urgent stops for eating and running around.

You can get some more practical travel tips on Georgia and Armenia in our travel guides:

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