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We had so many plans for our 2017 travel year that we actually were in doubt how everything will go – especially now, that we have a new travel companion – our baby boy Ren. But looking back now, everything was easier we even hopped. In fact, Ren gave us extra courage to start taking our life in our hands and start living now.

So let’s see our travel year 2017 in review

  • January, February, March

Our first months as a family of three were more or less very slow. Not only we have to get to know each other, also I needed to get myself together after the labour. We started with short walks and trips suitable for baby stroller. Being from Slovenia, we first did a coastal walk from Portorož to Piran, then we crossed boarder with Italy to enjoy the walk along the Napoleon’s road above the Trieste Bay. We also enjoyed some sun on the Izola coastal walk. When we had rain, we decided to visit some museums like Technical Museum of Slovenia and Museum of post and telecommunications in Polhov Gradec.

Napoleon's road, Strada Napoleonica, Trieste, Villa Opicina

The Napoleon’s road is 3,2 kilometres long (Italy)

  • April, May

Spring has finally arrived and with that warmer and longer days, which were a sign to start thing on longer trips. We first did a roadtrip to Croatian Rab Island and later on an overland travel to Sardinia in Italy. We tested for the first time, how we are coping with wilderness camping and sleeping in the car. Good news – Ren did great!

Sardinia travel, Sardinia roadtrip, Sardinia travel blog

Picturesque views while driving on the panoramic coastal road at the western side of Sardinia (Sardinia travel)

  • June

We did a weekend get-away to Austria in June, visiting the Schladming-Dachstein region. There are lots of great reasons to put the Schladming-Dachstein on your bucket list, but two reasons definitely stand out – the Dachstein Sky Walk and outdoor activities like hiking.

Dachstein Sky Walk, Sky Walk Austria, Schladming Austria

The longest suspension bridge in Austria (Dachstein Sky Walk)

  • July

July was a month to relax and while Simon was working Ren and I spent almost the whole month in NW Istria in Croatia, enjoying sun, sea and strolling around.

travel to istria, istria travel, croatia travel, traveling to croatia

Picturesque street in Buje (Istria, Croatia)

  • August, September, October

August will be a month to remember as Simon quit his job, so we can work on the travel blog more, travel more and spending family quality time before our little munchkin’ grows up.

We first did a week long roadtrip across Germany, joining theme parks with Bodensee, Chimsee and Augsburg stop. We also enjoyed a day in Garmisch-Partenkirchein for a hike in the Partnach gorge – amazing!

Theme parks Germany, Germany with kids, Germany travel

Legoland (Theme parks, Germany)

The other half of August was all about preparation for our 2 months long overland travel to Turkey, Georgia and Armenia – all done by our 4WD and from Slovenia. We did more than 12.000 kilometers and the travel was definitely one of the best we have done so far. Hoping this is just a start into longer overland travels in the future.

Svaneti Georgia, Svaneti travel tips, Svaneti tourist attractions

Crossing the Zagar Pass (Svaneti, Georgia)

We also spoiled ourselves at the end of the travel with a week stop at the Greece island Thassos.

Thassos island, Thasos Island, Thassos Greece

Natural sea pool Giola (Thassos Island, Greece)

  • November

November was a month we needed to adjust to »normal« life again, but nevertheless we did an adrenalin flight at Aerodium Slovenia. We were also invited on the MSC Seaside cruise ship for a day/night, before it was open to the public and cruising around Caribbean’s.

MSC Seaside, MSC cruising, cruise ship

First time on a cruise ship (MSC Seaside)

  • December

December was a festive month. It is our tradition to visit Christmas markets in December and we did that as well this year. We decided to avoid the large and popular Christmas markets and rather spend some days, exploring little known and non-commercialized ones in Carinthia in Austria – we stopped at the Millstatt town, Bad Kleinkircheim and Katschberg – check out more about this here.

Christmas markets, Christmas markets in Austria, Austria Christmas markets

Horse-drawn carriage ride to the Katschberg Advent Trail (Christmas markets, Austria, Carinthia)

We did plan an overland travel to Sicily over the New Year, but due to lack of money, we decided to stay at home and enjoy family time with our Christmas tree, hatching up plans for the New Year 2018.

Lots of people (family and friends) said our life will change when getting a baby, but honestly – it all depends on you. Well sure, the baby needs to be healthy, but if you don’t complicate things, you can easily continue with traveling – with some adjustments of course. But everything can be done if there’s a will.