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Sydney tourist attractions are some of the most amazing you will ever visit, after all the city is one of the most recognizable Australia.

We spent 4 days in Sydney, what is not even close to having enough time to really get to know this huge place, but we still did manage to feel its vibe and got to know some of its best things to do there.

Sydney tourist attractions can be ridiculously expensive, so we did try and choose the less expensive ones. They are still perfect to get to know the city and are affordable to the budget travelers too.

TOP 12 Sydney tourist attractions for budget travelers

1. Sydney Opera House

You cannot leave Sydney without seeing the symbol of the city. Yes, you are right; we are talking about the famous Sydney Opera House. If you are into architecture or just like culture, you might want to attend a guided tour of the Sydney Opera House. If you can say no to it, you will still be able to enjoy the views on this gorgeous building, which are not costing you a thing! Make sure to see the Sydney Opera House in the evening too – Magical and for sure an unbeatable landmark!

Sydney tourist attractions

The Sydney Opera House – Sydney tourist attractions

2. Sydney Bridge

If you are on your way to Sydney Opera House, you will have splendid views over the iconic Sydney Bridge too. It is screaming for attention and we don’t even blame it! You can walk (free of charge) over it, or you can even climb on top of it, what for sure will be one of the most unique and unforgettable things to do in Sydney. Unfortunately the Sydney Bridge climb is not free of charge and you will need to open your wallet quite a bit (price begins from 150€/pp up). If the bridge climb is too hot to handle, you can enjoy splendid views even from a normal Sydney Ferry route. Not to mention you can take a photo of  the two iconic symbols of the Sydney – The Sydney Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney tourist attractions

The Sydney Bridge – Sydney tourist attractions

3. Sydney Sky Walk

If you just cannot go over the Bridge climb due to high cost, here’s another great and fun activity – the climb is called Sydney Sky Walk. It is much cheaper than the Bridge climb and still offers great views over Sydney and adrenalin rush is included in the price. If you are YHA member, head up to one of their hostels and get the reduced Sky Walk ticket for just 32€. If you are not really into adrenalin, the Sydney Tower Eye also offers closed viewing platform for just 13€/pp. More about the cool Sydney Sky Walk here.

Sydney tourist attractions

Sydney Sky Walk / Sydney Tower Eye – Sydney tourist attractions

4. Sydney city cruise

You can always have the official cruise to see the Sydney Opera House and the Bridge, but if you are not willing to spend more than necessary, just take the local ferry from Circular Quay to Manly and you will get the exact same views, but paying less. Instead of 17-20€/pp for a tourist cruise, you will only pay 10€/pp for the return ticket to Manly.

Sydney tourist attractions

Sydney cruise – Sydney tourist attractions

5. Manly

Sydney has lots of areas and one of the more popular is Manly. Manly is perfect for coastal walks, surfing and just enjoy the sea breeze in the morning, which sure make your stay in Sydney on budget. Head there for a day and get some sun tan, swim or catch a wave. A return ticket from Circular Quay to manly will cost you 10€/pp and if you will do your homework, you can come back into Sydney during sunset, which will show you another, more romantic side of Sydney.

Sydney tourist attractions

Manly – Sydney tourist attractions

6. Bondi

If you ask locals where the best surfing spot in Sydney is, they will all say Bondi Beach. The area is not only perfect because its long, white sandy beach, but also for some great views and picturesque coastal walks. Take the bus nr. 333 or 380 from Circular Quay and head to Bondi beach. The one way ticket will cost you 3,20€/pp.
Here, at Bondi beach, we also tried our very first surfing. We actually did two hours of lessons and it was amazing! We now know, why catching your first wave makes you addicted to this sport. If you know how it’s done, just rent a board – 1 hour (14€), 2 hours (17€), whole day (28€). If you have never done it before, prepare 65-70€/pp for a two hours long lesson.

Sydney tourist attractions

Bondi Beach – Sydney tourist attractions

7. Bondi – Bronte Coastal walk

If you are already visiting Bondi Beach, head up to the famous Bondi-Bronte coastal walk. It might be hot and sunny, but it is well worth it. The views are amazing and you will be surprised about the numerous bays and beaches you can walk to, take a swim or just enjoy views on skilled surfers.

Sydney tourist attractions

Bondi-Bronte coastal walk – Sydney tourist attractions

8. Royal Botanical Garden

This huge park spreads just behind the Sydney Opera House. It is used for walks, jogging, sun bathing and relaxation from the hustle and bustle. It is beautiful here, not to mention the views over the Sydney Opera House and the Bridge are amazing.

9. China Town

Yes, also Sydney has its own China Town. If you want to get a quick and cheap bite, head to the China Town. The food is good and due to its red color and decoration, you can easily think you are in China.

Sydney tourist attractions

China Town – Sydney tourist attractions

10. Sydney Fish market

The Sydney Fish Market is the best place to get fresh sea food to take home and even to eat your lunch here. Each stand, selling their catch, offers also cooked/fried/grilled sea food, which is surprisingly affordable. The Sydney Fish Market is known as the world’s third largest fish market!

Sydney tourist attractions

Sydney Fish Market – Sydney tourist attractions

11. Pyrmont Bay and Darling Harbour

The Pyrmont Bay and Darling Harbour is the ideal area for hanging out with friends, walking along the coast and stopping for a cup of coffee in a near by caffes. This is also the area you need to visit, if you want to explore Sydney Maritime museum, Sea Life and Aquarium, but be prepared for the pretty high entrance fees. We rather enjoyed our time walking and saving our money for other things.

Sydney tourist attractions

Pyrmont Bay and Darling Harbour – Sydney tourist attractions

12. St. Mary Church

Sydney is unique place, where you can walk among old Victorian buildings on one side and high and modern skyscrapers on the other. The building which shows best of the city’s history is with no doubt St. Mary Church. It was built in gothic style of 19th century and is actually Australia’s longest church.

Sydney tourist attractions

St. Mary Church – Sydney tourist attractions

Did you enjoy these Sydney tourist attractions too? Did we miss any? If so, give us a shout out and we will be more than happy checking them next time we are there.