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Not many foreign visitors to Germany decides to visit the Hassberge region, which can be found in Bavaria, in the lower Franconia. But on the other hand, local German tourists really enjoy spending their time there.

If you are asking yourself, why would you ever consider visiting Hassberge, we have prepared 13 best things to do in Hassberge, for you to enjoy.

What are best things to do in Hassberge?

1. Roadtripping

 I know, it might sounds funny, but the very first thing that Simon mentioned about Hassberge were the roads there. They are perfect for roadtripping  – by car or by motorbike, as the roads are without heavy traffic, nicely maintaned, offering long curves and a pleasant ride among the countryside.

2. Admiring castles and palaces

Germany is extremely rich with castles and palaces and also Hassberge region can offer many. We like best the Rotenhan castle ruins, which can be found in the forest and are very unique. The Rotenhan castle was built in 12th century, on sanstone rocks, and is one of the most important castles in Bayern. The tower, including gate, corridor, two doors and a staircase was completely cut out of the rock. Not far away from the Rotenhan castle lies a beautiful Eyrichshof, privately owned, palace. You cannot see it from inside, but a minute or two long stop is enough to see how some people still live.

A nice short walk from the parking place along the forest path brings you to the Bramberg castle ruins – the highest castle in Hassberge, from which you can also enjoy beautiful views over the countryside. (Coordinates: 50.10931 / 010.64015)

3. Getting to know the wine culture

Hassberge is known for vineyards and wine. No matter if you enjoy wine or not, a walk among vineyards is always a good idea. Head up straight to Zeil am Main and do what the locals do – visit the Bauerschmitt wine cellar, which will serve you with its wine and a sneak peak into real local life. (Coordinates: 49.99944 / 010.62252)

4. Sleeping in the tree house

As soon as you’ll see the photo of the tree house, you will know exactly why it got the space among 13 best things to do in Hassberge. We loved it – not just because it looked like from a fairly tale, but also because we felt really connected to nature and us there. You can find this cute tree house near Leinach / Sulzfeld town, in the first Franconia – Bayern ship-trailer hotel. The major part of the hotel – camping site are actually remodeled ship-trailers, where you can have a unique kind of sleep, but among them, you can also find the gorgeous and romantic tree house. The camping-place has also showers / toilets available and a nice place to hang out with friends or sit by the fire in the evening.

There’s even a swimming pool opened in the summer. These kind of accommodations are perfect for everyone enjoying nature, peace, local tradition and uniqueness. The owners speak German only and also their web page is just in German, but don’t give up to fast. You can get more information about their accommodations here.

5. Walk among the half-timbered houses

I found half-timbered houses so romantic. No matter how many times I see them, I am always impressed. Luckily for me, Franconia and with that Hassberge, is full of them. You can find some of the best looking half-timbered houses in towns like Zeil am Main, Konigsberg im Bayern, Hofheim im Unterfranken.

If you enjoy the half-timbered houses as much as I do and want to learn more about them, make sure to stay the night in one of them. We would recommend the Pension Graserhof, which is set in a gorgeous 400 years old half-timbered house. You can read more about the Pension Graserhof here.

6. Relax at the water reservoir Ellersthausen See

The water reservoir is the largest one in lower Franconia in Germany. It is a really nice spot to relax with family or friends, enjoying sailing, swimming, walking, fishing or just watching your kids having a blast in the outdoor playing area. (Coordinates: 50.15154 / 010.38120)

7. Taste the local cuisine

Forget about up-scale cuisine when visiting Hassberge, as you will mostly find traditional restaurants, serving local dishes, concentrating on meat like leg of pork, roulads and steaks.  When visiting Hassberge, make sur not to be on a diet.

Don’t even forget on the bread. Did you know that Germany knows more than 600 types of bread and more than 1200 different rolls and pastries?

8. Cheers with beer

There are more than 1300 breweries in Germany, which produces over 5000 types of beer. In fact, Franconia is one of the most dense regions with breweries in Germany. You can hardly have a meal without a beer in Hassberge – at least the locals don’t. We tasted few different beers (including the smoked one – very typical for the area) in local breweries and we actually like all of them. They were very drinkable, so don’t miss out visiting some of the breweries there. They are also great for a quick bite, lunch or dinner. We really enjoyed the Brauereigststatte Goller in Zeil am Main. If you are looking for a local village feel, head up to the Brauerei Hartleb in Maroldswisach.

9. Hiking and cycling

Tasting the heavy local food and drinking beer is perfect excuse to do some active explorations. A great way to see the Hassberge region is riding a bike or hiking, as there are many well marked paths in the region.

10. Counting the tourists

Hassberge is ideal for everyone wanting to avoid tourists and enjoying peace and quiet. Most of the region is little known to foreign travellers, but if you are already visiting some better known places in Franconia, join them with Hassberge too and get the bigger picture of the local life and vibe in Franconia.

11. Stopping at Bamberg

Unesco city of Bamberg is an hour drive away by car from Hassberge, what is also a great base for the visit. Bamberg attracts many visitors as it has been an UNESCO Herritage Site ever since 1993. If you have your own ride, you might want to stay in Hassberge and do daytrip to better known places, as Hassberge is much cheaper than the rest of Franconia and Germany. Apart from the lovely tree-house and half-timbered house, we really enjoyed the night in local guesthouse – Gusthof Andres. Such a gorgeous place to stay, surrounded with nature, piece and quiet.
We did not find the time to visit Bamberg when being in Nuremberg, but so happy we have finally ticked it off from our bucket list.

12. Baumwipfelpfad Steigerwald

Each time Simon and I visit the wooden Sky Walk paths, set high above the ground, somewhere among the tree tops, I am all overwhelmed. For me these wooden constructions and viewing towers are one of the most beautiful attractions of today’s time. In Franconia, near the Hassberge region and city of Bamberg is the Baumwipfelpfad Steigerwald. The wooden path is 1150 meter long and you can enjoy the views from its 42 meters hight viewing tower. The place is great for young or old and you can even take the wheelchair or baby stroller with. If you are traveling around Franconia with kids and don’t want to visit the Baumwipfelpfad Steigerwald, you might still want to stop at the playing area for kids there, which is free of charge. Don’t even miss out petting the goats and rabbits. (Coordinates: 49.84838 / 010.46997)

13. Affordable destination

Germany will never be Asia, but because of the fact, that Hassberge region is not a touristic one, you will find out that all the prices there are much lower comparing them with the rest of Germany.

Things to do in Hassberge are little known among tourists but that is exactly why stopping in this German region is so special. Hassberge might never be on your travel bucket list, but if you are already visiting Franconia, it is nice to spend a day or two there. Just to get the complete picture of the area and see how the real Franconia without tourists looks like.

Most amazing thigs to do in Hassberge can also be watched in our video here.